Gta vs and 1 more thing

2 things

1: judging by what ive seen in a ps2 magazine, gta vc looks like it should be rated beyond m
(no offense- i think all the new features are pretty cool, but im not sure if the game is reallyy " appropriate")
2. :asian: please go to and suggest a name

by the way i have gta3 for ps2

M is the highest rating… M for Mature.

How is it extreme? M rated games are for 18+, when people should have the common sense that games aren’t real.

I don’t have PS2 or any of the GTA games, but I have played them and they do fit the M rating in my opinion of course.

I really don’t understand the rating system at all anyway. If people are old enough to make a purchase then they should be mature enough to realize that its just a game. You can not go out and do this stuff in real life. And if a parent buys this game for a 5 year old child then that is just a blatant lack of common sense. Video games only influence people that allow themselves to be influenced by them. I have played all the GTA games and you don’t see me picking up my flame-thrower and flying around downtown havin a townie BBQ…

Stupid people really do make this country a horrible place to live. They should all be beaten senseless…Thats just my irrational anger talking, not any influence by any videogame/movie…I have always thought this way…

You make perfect sense though Jubba.

I hate when parents buy their 8 year olds games with a teen rating, or a mature rating, and they do nothing but ***** about how violent games are and how they are a ban influence.

If they don’t like it, then they should just stop buying their kids games with ratings higher than their age. It isn’t really that hard to figure out:-\

It’s not just that Lost. When these parents buy games for them that aren’t apporpriate, they then see the game and are apalled. This leads them to write letter’s of complaints to the game companies, and the companies are forced to apologize or refund them.

This then affects the normal video game fans because tighter restrictions are put on games.

It’s ridiculous, before parents buy games for their kids, they need to make sure it is appropriate.


Ding Ding Ding… in my book at least.

That is the whole reason that i really respect Rockstar Games. Last year, they release one of the most controversial games ever made. There was so much hype surrounding this game due to its graphic content that it looked like it wasn’t going to be released, however in America there is that little ‘freedom’ thing, so they had no choice but to allow them to release it. R* went on to sell over 6 million copies of that game, got the Game of the Year award from numerous magazines. Now they go and revamp the entire game, and come out with something is even more sick and twisted. Just to put up with all of the controversy again anyway… I realize that they are doing it mostly for the money (and lots of it), but they are also pushing the barriers of what is decent and appropriate.

BTW, there’s a little known rating out there called “A” for adults. so far, i haven’t seen any game with this rating. the upcoming game called “BMXXX” or something would fit nicely under this category. if you all know, this is one of the first games under a major title to come out with full-fledged nudity, along side real movies of women stripping. surprisingly, that game has been rated only M. This example surely raises the bar on the content of games these days. GTAVC, as i found, had more cursing in it than its predecessor. you can still mutilate bodies with your high-powered rifles, but this game still works on an M rating, as it should stay.