GW/Saddam, Kittens, and Thermonuclear Research

What would happen if the 2 worlds got mixed? We’d come up with Saddam Bush and George Hussain!! Golly, what a combination!!! =)

Majeye: I think the very problem is that we don’t know exactly what Saddam has. We know for a fact that India and a number of other countries have Nukes…so we don’t bother them. But we don’t know what Saddam has, so we continue to harass him until he lets us in…

He should quit hidding his intentions behind the war on terroism and give the reasons why leaders like this need to be removed.

I agree with this statement. But, if the goal is to eliminate people in power with access to WMD, why go overseas? Why does the president get a red button? What happens to checks and balances of power? Our founding fathers are like pigs on the rotiseree in their graves… ::picture james madison on a skewer, with an apple in his mouth::

I say we should wait for Saddam to make a move, and then attack him, like when he moved on Kuwait in '91. He provoked us, and we retalliated. What is happening now is that since 9/11, America has declared open season on ‘any country that contributes financially to the terrorist networks,’ (FOOTNOTE: with the exception of one). It is just justification of an oil war, by making it an issue of global security. And when we do get attacked again, watch as our freedoms continue to desolve, for the sake of national security of course…

Let me officially say, that i am disgusted with this world at its present state.

As far as Saddam vs. Bush, its as simple as this:
“I know what I believe. I will continue to articulate what I believe and what I believe — I believe what I believe is right.” —George W. Bush, in Rome, July 22, 2001

The problem with waiting for saddam to make his move this time is it might be something a lot more destructive and devistating then a invason on ocupation. We might see a first strike nuke hit a populated area like Israel. I think becasue of the uncertaty of what wepons Saddam has we can’t wait for him to make a first move this time. Someone needs to go i ntake control and restore some order before things get out of hand.

This doesn’t mean i want to see a 3 month campaign of heavy bombing killing many inoccent ppl. Do it in a way that causes the least amont of death on both sides.

That is a scary tought Phil. That some one would be so cold as to fire on themseleves starting a war just to justify there wepons. I don’t think just iraq needs to be stripped of WMD. I feel any unstable country Israel included should have to lose these wepons. Then and only then can we start on the super powers. Once that happens maybe we can look towards a NWO or a global government. I know its a pipe dream but it would be nice.

Phil: ■■■■ you for knowing so much. We are like fifth graders arguing over who has the better bike, and you are like the eighth grader who stole the keys to his brothers camaro…


That is a scary tought Phil. That some one would be so cold as to fire on themseleves starting a war just to justify there wepons.

Haha, scary indeed. ::cough:: 9-11 ::cough:: huh what?

Once that happens maybe we can look towards a NWO or a global government.

Are you looking forward to a one-world governent? Call me silly, but i don’t think that humans with barcodes, and worldwide population control shows any bit of promise, do you?

Well i hope a world government wouldn’t come to that. Just a government that looks out fot he world as a whole insted of thinking as each country as separte in what it does. Lets face it we all effect each other and we have to start looking at our selevs as one ppl not differnt nations.

Bush :cowboy: VS Phil :crazy:

:stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: j/k …i know whats going down…its kinda depressing tho :frowning:

America is getting far too big for its boots these days they are rattling their sabre in front of way too many countries faces Iraq, North Korea, Afganistan. They are loosing a lot of respect from friendly countries from these actions.

I would say that, although it was a tense time, America was more humble and more liked when it had a big adversary like the Soviet Union. I think the two kept eachother in check. Now America doesn’t have an equal superpower to oppose them. I mean if you’re bigger, richer and more armed than everyone else who’s to stop you being the schoolyard bully!!!

Alright some other countries have been idiot, storing weapons of mass destruction and all is never a smart idea for any country really but pssing them off isn’t going to do an awful lot in persuding those countries not to use them! And now they are pssed off who do you think will be the first target? America.

With all this running around the world being the big, bad policemen of the globe they are putting themselves right in the firing line. But what do I know? I’m just a Brit who’s leader (Blair) has got his tongue so far up Bush’s *** that it would make anyone sick. Lapdog is the term that springs to mind. Oh just get me outta here, atleast the Bahama’s doesn’t have any enemies. Take me there!!! Taxi!!

From the UK with love… Tony Blair’s wannabe 51st state.

ahhh…if only things were so simple as “who is right, who is wrong?” “who is good, who is evil?”

the “poor iraq being bullied by the evil americans” stance is just as ridiculous as the “axis of evil that must be destroyed at all costs” stance.

the american CIA said that Saddam Hussein is most likely to use WMD when he’s cornered. Guess what we’re about to do? He also supposedly said something about eradicating the oncoming armies at the border to bagdhad, kinda scary…

As far as him attacking america when the sh*t hits the fan, i doubt it. Saddam lacks the technology to deliver bombs to america. Israel however is another story. If you recall the gulf war, Iraq was attacking Israel, as we were attacking Iraq.

And just to clarify for all those that aren’t up to speed…
we have been bombing Iraq since 1991. The northern and southern no-fly zones have been in effect for over a decade, and i recently read an interesting account of the situation over in Iraq:

I cannot confirm this, but i read an american pilot was baffled at the fact that the Turkish Air Force is allowed to attack the tribes in the no-fly zones, while america turns its head… The pilot was shocked at this due to that fact that these are the very people we are meant to be protecting!!

Judging from past scenarios, i wouldn’t be suprised if we eventually went to war with Turkey, seeing as how we are building up their military by selling them planes and bombs…

Operation Enduring Freedom needs to be called Operation Oil Pipeline…

Originally posted by Majeye *
**As far as him attacking america when the sh
t hits the fan, i doubt it. Saddam lacks the technology to deliver bombs to america. **

Whats to keep him from buying a couple motor boats, throwing some warheads on them, and float on over to San Francisco, New York, etc…?

well, theoretically the Coast Gaurd, but if they are as responsive as our Air Force was on 9-11, we are doomed.

Lol, the coast guard is spread soo thin… Maybe a 1 in 5000 chance they would be stopped…

so true, yet phrases like ‘national security’ keep rolling off the tongues of our leaders…

i think they are refering to securing their control over the entire nation, as opposed to protecting us from the ‘other’ terrorists…

Its funny when you think about how public support can be gained and lost so easily in these delicate times. Someone tell me the difference in this…

Sadam’s army kills a thousand people, Bush says “He’s aggresive and attacking people.”

Bush’s army kills the same ammount, Bush says “We’re protecting the peace.”

Strange that. They’re both mass murderers when you think about it. When you boil it down thats what it comes down too, politicians are the biggest mass murderers in history, and that to me is pretty scary when you think about them running a country. Sorry if I am not making any sense its early.

Someone said something about one goverment for the world…

I personaly beleive one day this will happened, one day the world will unite. I am not saying like a world wide conquest, I mean a country like Canada, a main goverment, but with provinces who themselves have quite a bit of power…
And I don’t dread that day either, it will happen way after we die, but I am sure it will.

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**Then too many dogs so we send in bears.

Then too many bears so we turn a blind eye :). **
I like bears :slight_smile: They’re funny

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Like they say, it’s like taking a drink of water from a firehose. I survived my first semester…few close calls, but that’s the joy of a Pass/No Record grading system for the first semester :beam:

The Chiruthanambi Project is hitting a few roadblocks. The lab kittens they gave me for thermonuclear research were so cute, that I kind of let them out of their cage and made them unofficial gatekeepers to the dorm room. They must be doing a good job, for there have been no reported cases of robberies, felonies, copyright violations, girl scout cookie selling droids, and any form of high crimes & misdemeanors.

…it’s ok though, I found a few other unsuspecting neighboring pre-freshman. What they don’t know (that has been sprinkled on their food) won’t hurt/deform/melt them…or will it? :vamp: