Half Life (the old one)

Kirupa, you should get Opposing Forces (The Half Life Sequal) and play it also.

HL has been and will always be my favourite game of all time, even when HL2 comes out. It’s the game which helped me “boost it all”. Starting by duke nukem 3d, going into starcraft, then into half-life, my mapping career was really fun.

Go check out the powernode series on svencoop.com, it’s the only thing i ever released. Shi-t, you ask me? I can do slightly better now --but not that much better :P. Like, I don’t map Natural Selection-worthy maps. That’s way ahead of me.

I attempted to map serious sam because it was one of the first engines to allow really huge landscapes without slowdowns, and also masses of enemies, but it was really hard to catch up on (so much that I didn’t ever produce a playable map).

Once I get ahold of a good PC to play Farcry onto, you can be sure i’ll start plopping down some worlds! That video of the engine (with the guy mapping in a breeze) looks inspiring.

I played all of the HL episodes, and now, my favourite mods are The Specialists and Svencoop. I also experiment Contra Force and its derivate, Contra Strike Force, both on thaigamenetwork (or is it thaigamingnetwork?).

If anyone’s up for some modding of FarCry in a teamup, a mod which we could host on a cool flash site (isn’t this the purpose of kirupa.com?:)), well contact me @ [email protected] and I’ll reply and further the project once i get my new comp (which should be within the next two weeks!)

A coop mod already exists, but what if we add complete overhauls (and new maps which are not only the usual jungle-and-beaches…) like urban environments, new weapons, perhaps some highly alien or “horror” creatures…My head is full of ideas, but of course, like anyone, it’s the determination that counts when trying to mod. Not just the idea…