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okay kirupians, did u know the u.s. has one of the lowest %s of eligible voters who actually vote
why do u think ppl. dont vote?

some countries fine ppl. who dont vote. should we do that?

Simply because they don’t give a rat’s a s s. They don’t understand politics, don’t care about their blah blah and are probably not enough informed.

In Belgium we must vote. It’s next Sunday by the way…

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I think people are content with the status quo. By them not voting they are saying anything is good. Also voting on the weekend as I just learned they do in Belguim wouldn’t be a bad idea either, this would allow for low-income people who are paid by the hour, to not miss work.

People don’t vote because they don’t care. And after what happened with the 2000 election, I wouldn’t be suprised if the number of voters drops even more. People understand the politics, but we realize that our one vote is not going to make a difference. In 2000 the man that was elected by the popular vote did not become the president.

I personally don’t vote. I don’t feel that my vote is going to sway things one way or the other and I don’t care. I pay my taxes and live my life. There isn’t any difference between Democrats and Republicans any more. We no longer have a two party system. We have a one party system that has two halves that argue all the time. There wasn’t a real difference between Bush and Gore. The same crap would have happened either way. The American people have no drive to vote.

And fining people who don’t vote is not a good idea. Voting, or chosing not to vote, is an expression of freedom of speech, and choice. To fine us for not voting would be illogical and against the American freedoms.

what percentage of the electorate vote in America?
We recently had an election in Scotland and just over half voted. actually, politics is pretty exciting here at the moment since that result turned in six fairly competitive parties in the parliament and in my opinion we are gearing further and further towards independence.

I think it’s something like 50% electorate voted which means the presidential race was one by just 25% of the electorate.

i think everybody should vote. it’s everyone’s duty as a citizen of the country. people aren’t happy with the status quo and the only way to change some things is for everyone to vote. in the U.S. you basically have a very small percentage of people voting for what is supposed to be the voice of the whole country, and that’s sad.

Jubba - the last vote was so close, I dont think it’s right to say “my vote doesnt matter”. What if everyone said that - there would be no votes!

My vote doesn’t matter. I refuse to vote. Ever. Period.

some people don’t vote because they aren’t informed enough to make a good desicion. i can’t tell you how many times i’ve heard someone say that. in an ideal world, i think it would be great if we were all informed, and could all make educated desicions about what we wanted. but IMHO, it’s good that people who are disinterested/uninformed do not vote, because then it would really just be a gamble on who won, and people would be just randomly voting. i have known people to just make patterns or select which candidate seems like a cooler name and stuff. personally, i don’t want people like that deciding our future.

that’s very disappointing. many people in other countries would be lucky to have the freedoms that you have. voting is one of those freedoms that too many people in america take for granted.

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i second that

i don’t think that its necessary to move it. Yes people here take things for granted, and voting is a great right to be given. However, I am expressing that right by not voting. Its my choice. Given the things that I have seen and experienced, my voice does not and will not get heard, regardless of whether I punch a card or not. I refuse to vote because of what I have been thru. Its not about being informed, its about being logical. If I thought my vote would matter, then I would vote in a second.

If more people thougth like me then the world would be a scary place.

jubba, im not saying that you are uninformed. i was just offering another reason why some people don’t vote.

Personally, I would like it if there was a box to tick to say “I choose not to vote” or that those who deliberately chose not to vote would at least go to the polling booth and spoil a ballot paper. This way a message would be sent that people were not happy with the choices they had, which would distinguish them from people who just couldn’t be arsed.

I’m lucky to live in a country with a small population where I can believe my vote does make a difference. Combined with a new voting system the people have spoken and voted in smaller parties to positions of influence.

As far as the presidental vote, my vote didn’t count stupid electoral college.