To vote or not to vote

I don’t vote, I never have and frankly can’t see myself ever voting. Why?

Cause I don’t trust politicans. Mostly all out for they’re own ends either for money, power or all of the above. The amount of money I pay in taxes I see no benefit. I think the goverment is being grossly mismanaged and changing management I don’t think can help.

Do you vote and why?

Now before you reply I would ask that we try and follow one rule because in every thread here in the ordered forum sooner or later it degenerates into name calling and silly things like that so…

Don’t tell me why I should vote or what you think of me for not voting…just tell me if you do or don’t vote and why, please :beam:

Ditto! but I must add in “less of a hypocrite too”.

agreed legoman.

That’s absolutly right, futhermore because two parties run the show independents are really just puppets. I am a Libertarian but I have no idea how to vote this year, I don’t agree with either side of the two parties, but if I vote for the Libertarian candidate, “Michael Badnarik” will I be simply following the demographic control system, unintentionally causing the liberal party more votes (most libertarians are former rpublicans)?

It’s a real pickle, but I will probably vote for the Libertarian ticket, so at least I can say, “Don’t blame me I voted Libertarian”. Think I’ll put that on a bumper sticker…

There’s no “None of the Above”?!

Because many people don’t know who they want to vote for, or don’t care, I think that those people should not vote until they have a firm idea of what they want. Until then, all they’re doing is throwing off the system by picking some random candidate off a list. That’s not democracy, that’s more like a lottery.

I agree that they probably shouldn’t be voting (I wouldn’t randomly vote). I can see where you’re coming from, but if 20% of (uninformed) voters simply randomly pick candidates, the randomness will cancel the other random votes out…that is assuming a big enough voting pool. As the size of the voting pool approaches infinity (over 1,000,000 would probably be big enough), it will be as if those random votes never existed!


Read a fantastic column by Fred Reed, entitled, “This Ain’t Fifth-Century Athens - Curmudgeonly Reflections on Democracy” very insightful… <-- fun…

During the last French presidential elections, many left wingers didn’t go to the booths. And finally, we had to choose between a right-winged prez and an extreme-right-winged prez. So, yeah, every vote counts in my opinion…

Go vote in what you believe. For God’s sake, your last presidential elections got down to merely 200 Floridan voters (leaving Michael Moore aside :stuck_out_tongue: ). GO VOTE. pleaaaaaase. Do it for the rest of the world. Really. The world is watching, don’t go wasting your vote by staying at home. You’re the world’s first democracy, don’t let it go down the gutter like this, as if nobody cared. The whole world cares, the whole world would like to vote in the US prez campaign. Do it for the rest of the world. Don’t stay mute. PLEASE.

[ot]The world’s first democracy was ancient Athens, but I agree with you nonetheless. :thumb:[/ot]

I vote.

I have yet to vote for either a Democrate or Republican. I’ve been told that voting third-party is the same as throwing away your vote. Bollox to that. If you can’t go out and vote for a person or party you believe in, a representative democracy loses its significance and becomes just another joke.

This year I plan on voting third-party. And if that means having another four-years of Bush, then so be it. I refuse to allow the Democrates to try to guilt me into supporting them and their spineless, let’s-sit-on-our-hands policies.

I’ve been told that voting third-party is the same as throwing away your vote. Bollox to that

I think you a right and wrong; thats true we need to represent all sides of the issue, but sometime, in the face of extremly strong opposition it can be. I know it dosent sound good, but realisticaly speaking many times a vote can be.

We must make a decision, what is the worst things can get, and can we allow that? In this presedential election, I beleive that kerry has to replace Bush, no matter what. The worst that will happened is; he will be like Bush, but he will still be Bush on the First term, not on his “crazy-second”.

If for example, McCain and Gore or Kerry were facing off, I would vote whatever I wish, because its hard to exepect what any of the heavy-weights political parties will do. And either rep or dem I dont have a strong opinion either way.

The world’s first democracy was ancient Athens

I didn’t mean historically, but “first” as in most influential… :wink:

Unfortunately, while I would normally agree with you in this respect, I can’t help but equate Kerry to Bush. Sort of a “Bush-lite”; tastes [better], less filling.

What I would prefer is if candidates who were unable to receive nominations from their respective party, just went ahead and atleast tried their hand within a third-party. That would probably be the first and perhaps best step towards making third-parties relevant here in the States. As it stands now, the fundies, freaks, and sensationalists have taken up position in the two major parties when, for all practical purposes, they’d be better off voting for and affiliating themselves with a third-party.