HEY KIRUPA. Got a question for ya?

Yes it’s easy to change the colors, but the table layout and your own custom template is a different thing. I think it is pointless for design sites to have forums. A shoutbox would be the biggest thing I would ever make for a design company site. I think the only type of sites that should have forums are resource sites (kirupa.com), big-shot sites (shadowness.com), and fun forums (don’t know any)!

well yes, and no. They offer a way in the Admin panel to change the colors, but that wasn’t very effective. I actually had to open the .tpl files and edit the HTML code myself. Its easy just time consuming.

brad, what font did you use for the splash graphic? in the sticker that says “Hello my name is Someone Leet”

Hmmm, I’m not sure, I did a search on google for handwritten fonts. I’ll look for it tomorrow cause I’m busy tonight, and 24 is on later. LOL, you might have to remind me though. :slight_smile:


yes, mdipi seems to be taking over your spot Phil! I say you duke it out with your nukes while i go hide in my underground bunker and after your all dead I will rule…bwhahahaahhaahahhahaah
ignore last comment…its…er…nothing

how does being left handed protect you from such ancient weapons…fill us mere right handers in

edit: dont tell mdipi i told you, but he told me he also has neutron and a bunch of other new bombs. also, those alien ships you see flying around are also controlled by mdipi! He is ADVANCED! now…fill me in on all of your secret weapons so…ah…i can hide it away in some closet.

Hey mdipi.com u can get a name tag builder action at adobe exchange. It will instantly build u one of those name tags.

Or you can do it the way I did it and scan in the imae and then redo it all. :slight_smile: LOL there’s always an easier way…


Sintax: Did you ever figure out how to get that working?

I have’t got clearance to try it yet. I have to advise them on 3-4 choices and then they pick an option then I have to implment it. it could be another month now before I get to do anything. Man I hate working here:evil:

ahh, I see. I love it when people can’t decide anything. No one is worse at not being able to decide than the government (of any country)… Just let me know if you need any help with anything. PHPBB was really a snap to set up. I’m just modifying all of the buttons now…

If they go with the phpBB I’ll defantly have soem questions for ya. Could be a while though:-\