OK. I have taken them off tha board. To many people thinking im some crazed pyschotic killer. It wuz just my way of showing my views of things now days. Guess some took it tha wrong way :-\

dont go columbine on our asses bro… u can take out agression and deep seeded hate in other ways… promise me that and we’re kewl… otherwise… look at it from a loser’s POV… i’m about 300 lbs… 6 feet tall and dorky and white… so go figure what kind of shti i put up with… i agree with ya… mostly… its good to write sh1t… but i’ve seen peeps’ writings go from writings to blood splats on a wall… waste of life time and a brilliant mind… so… liek i said… promise me ur kewl that way and we’re fine =]

another thing… if u hate ‘them’ so much… fuk em… move on… dont listen… and when ur rich and they are stoned out and poor [it happened to over 60 percent of them in my school] you can laugh… don’t sweat assholes… tehy never go away.

ok done… basically i read that u need to move on… fuk them all and stop asking them to talk to you… people are cruel… period… u can not change that and u will die trying… so all u can do is surround yourself with positive people and they will help you get through it. i been there… i feel ya… but i also think that you REALLY want to be teh one they all come to… if u hate them stay away… thats my advice… now i’m not the smartest person in teh world… and i dont knwo it all… but i can tell you that its easier and actually possible to just walk away. my father taught me that brains eliminates brawn and he was so right… dis them back… stand up… [non-violently]… make them look stoopid… show them what they do … do it back… use your mind… to crush their little dream tehy have built around themselves.

Ahhh see I know this. But the point is is that there arent really any so called ‘nice people’ around in my school. No, Im not going columbine on their ass. Im not that way, i’ll just @#%$'em up with my hands. It’s better that way. Only if they step up to me though.

Those arent really applying to me, just my thoughs on things. it applies to a lot more peopole. I was just explaining to those who like to ***** at others a lot, what it does.

I do of course own a romanian SKS Ak-47 and an Uzi butttt…no lol

You cant just move on, and say @#%$ them. Because then you’re totally by yourself, which sux even more. I figure ill b making 150-220 grand a year if i keep up at my current pace.

I gotta brag now tho…that last 1…i liked how i typed it :slight_smile: lol it seems very intelligent. My state tests, i scored so friggen high on those i got a written letter from’em bout being in like tha top 1-2% of tha state. Dayum im good lol only 14

And btw Im 213Lbs 6’1 one white ass white boy lol

But tha up side to that is a squat 505Lbs, which stops most ppl from fuken around with me in a violent manor. That;s always a plus :slight_smile:

did i miss something? wtf u guys talking about?

=]… yeah… understood… and no… ur not crazy… i am [ been in mental institutes all my life] but thats because of a stoopid chemical imballance =[

i dont hurt others though i hurt myself =[ i get no control over it and i slash my upper arms and fingers over and over again until i snap outta it… it is really freaky… scares me… but anywho =]

havent done that in over a year … yay me =]

NO nice people? try talkin to a fat white girl about 14 years old… stays in teh back of the class, real quiet… i think u lookin for nice people in the wrong crowd… chances are… in a school such as u described… there has to be someone other than yourself who feels teh same way… =] i have seen in my experience that those who feel most like you are most like you… [no offense of course]

and nah… u aint missin nothing =] just a splurging of thoughts vts =]

oh and my state mensa test was in teh upper 96th percentile once so i am classified as a genius… sure dont feel like it… i have also taken a caimbridge IQ test but after a certain age they dont werk because it averages your perceived age [from your score] to your actual age to tell ya how smart ya are… and after u hit like 30 or so u cant possibly fit into the same category… at age 12 i was a child prodigy… at age 17 i was normal =] sh1t happens when ur trying not to be smart kid… people tend to rip on ya… so u act dumb… to blend in… after a while i started to like not doing homework… and i really DID move down to average =[

Chill bro you have your whole life infront of you, that is about 70 years left of it do you really want to let people that you dont care for ruin that short time. I dont think so.

The important thing in life is friends, family, love and be able to do what you love to do and to learn new things. This might seem stupid but trust me 70 years is a short time when you are having fun.

I myself is 43 it took me a long time to understand that letting people you dont like or care for run your life is a terrible waste of time. Take out your feeling in creative ways, stunn us with lyrics, poetry, film, music or whatever way you see fit as long as you dont sink to the level of those around you.
Best wishes of a great life

werd… i was two secs away from reporting you for fear of those around you… u do not honestly have a **** ak47 do you? THAT is stoiopid… i’m 19 and i love guns…a nd i have BB GUNS… replicas [called soft-air guns] because i don’t like the thought of HAVING it near me… u should be more careful WHAT you write and WHO you show it too… especially in a tiem like this… its not wise to show what you are REALLY thinking to EVERYONE Around you… show a psychiatrist whats u write and they will tell you, that you are noarmal but you need not post your ‘journal’ for public view… i seen 8 kids get kicked out of school permanantly because of that.

just a heads up =]

p.s. i’m not a dick but i HAVE been shot at b4 by a crazy dood… from my school… outside of school though.,. but it wasnt fun… he shot at us with his dad’s glock because we looked at him driving by while playing football… he got that pissed off over that… so i don’t exactly agree with immature young people carrying weapons and i would gladly whoop any parent’s as$ who lets their child carry one or even posess one. =] nothin personal… just my thoughts.


yeah I have an AK-47 a German SKS and an Uzi underneath my bed no ammo tho

And u seem to think im tha one who’d go to school with’em. Im not lol i own’em b/c i do competition shooting. Except tha Uzi those r jus fun as hell to shoot at a range

WTF!? Guns, Ammo, shootings…? Ummmk…well i dont rely on IQ. …my average score between 3 tests was 160. But IQ doesnt help if u dont work your ass off and if you knowingly make dumb desicions. I’m personally sick of teenage drama. Thats why i have decided to stop all contact with the people that bring me down. and you know what i feel **** good!. im 17 and ready to show the world who Edwin is. Dont let anyone bring you down!

perfect… until u hit the age where the world crashes your life… down to a pile of rubble… introducing depression more than u ever could imagine… and u end up feeling down yourself… heh… thats where i am =]

awww man…u just had to ruin my mood huh? jk 's all good. Life is a *****, what more can i say?

Violence doesn’t prove @#%$! Look at Osama bin Laden, he is gonna get so ****ed up after using violence and he is going to burn in hell for using violence toward innocent people! So make sure that AK and uzi never have bullets in them other than the range!

heh… UNLESS osama takes a visit here =]

in that case hand over the Uzi to me and show Osama a good time :wink:

lol. i back ya up with my fists… [takes longer that way]