I'm torn between

some people really pist me off a couple of days ago. I’m usually not the person to get upset by these kinds of people, however, i am irritated anyway. Now, should I:

a) be a b!tch and go into their website (i know the password for their homestead account) and delete everything.

b) hunt them down, rip their arms off and beat them to death with their own extremities

c) go take a nap.

lol. Sometimes the collective stupidity of the human race just absolutely blows my mind. After working at McDonalds for 3 years, I have dealt with every single different kind of degenerate, that could ever possibly exist. I am unable to be suprised by the stupidity of an individual. Is it just me, or does the human race seem to de-evolve with every passing day?

i say you take a nap. whenever i take a nap, i feel refreshed and good about everything. i also sometimes forgive and forget from time to time. now, you didn’t specify what these people actually did to you.

i took a nap. i’m better now. Option B still looks tempting…but I’m going to refrain. well…they are talkin about me behind my back. this kid used to be one of my best friends, and when I am around him he is nice and everything, but now that i’m away at school he is talkin about me and he’s pushin my nephew around who is a year below him. but i think i’ll let it go for now, until spring break then i’ll just go have a talk with him.

well, do you know if it’s anything bad?
for all you know, he could be praisin you.

no hes saying very bad things. things a friend should not say. that i’m into incest, i’m homosexual, i’m a cradle robber…etc etc

holy crap man - I’d go beat him with his parts…

I would have already kicked his ass!

i have to wait until I get home. I’m still at school. He has until March 23rd to atone for his stupidity. Then I think i’m going to have a “talk” with him.

Ripping his arms off sounds good. But make sure you bury them at least 4 feet deep and cover them with thick layers of lime. Just trust me on that last one.

with nothin to hide, nope

thanks for the advice…i’ll remember that…not much lime near where I’m from…how about broken blocks of concrete…?

Lime is everywhere. go to your local hardware store. Broken concrete will not do. Trust me on that last one.

who has never werked fer the mafia nor any government agency

i’ll get some…thanks for the tip.

@#%$? I am also rooting for Option B but may I might make a slight suggestion:

Option D: Lock him up in a cell and force him to eat the end of a strong rope or cable (strong enough that the acids in his stomach will not dissolve or wear the rope). It should be a really, really long rope. When one end of the rope has passed entirely through his digestive sistem and exited with his fecal matter, while the other end remains hanging still in his mouth, tie the two ends together. Hang him in the sun until he dies of dehydration or plainly gives up his life. Proceed with the burial steps and don’t neglect Phil’s advice about the lime.

option E) steal his favorite Cd’s.

How about all of the above???

Renni Girl comes back outta nowhere with an excellent method of human torture. And I liked it! How bout this rennigirl, after Jubba does the grisly, howwible, inhumane torture you mentioned, he then takes a razor blade and makes a thousand little cuts the full length of the body and also surgically removes the eyelids of the person being tortured and then fills all the little cuts, razor marks, gouges and eyeball sockets with hydrochloric acid whilst also inserting a extra wide tube inside the said tortured beings mouth and duck taping it in, so he cannot close his mouth and remoisten it in the sun, while also hanging from the said cable that has been ingested and expelled from said tortured persons body as well. Then we cover him with sugar so it mixes with his blood and attracts the flies so that before he dies of dehydration he can see the maggots hatching inside all his cuts, which will, of course, indubitibly cause screaming insanity.

just a thought

now that is really twisted phil.


Turn the other cheek. Violence begets violence.

yeah…i was thinking about that, but i’m not really the kind of person that just walks away. and I believe you are right that violence begets violence, but only on a much larger scale. With a minor thing like this, the only violence would come from me. He wouldn’t do anything back. But anywho…i have decided to just talk to him. Give him a warning and we’ll see how it goes.