Hot temper

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** i hope fifa won´t forgive him, he could use that lesson :wink:

followed closely by argentina, but the rest… they´re just the rest :P[/SIZE] **

wow man i thought u where going to say that i hope they forgive him. n e ways. yeah the rest is just the rest


i dont play like a girl

soccer talk… how I miss that sport! I played for 12 years and was planning on going to college for it, eventually I would have liked to get into an international league… then - knee surgery killed it, stupid knee. I tried after going under the knife, but my right leg couldn’t keep up with my left… I felt like I was learning the sport all over agian… I hate my knee. I hate my knee, and did I mention that I hate my knee? Not that I’m bitter or anything :wink:


too late, i already made up my mind

scraches chim and imagine raed jumping and flaping his arms like a butterfly, while chasing a soccer ball

scraches chim and imagine raed jumping and flaping his arms like a butterfly, while chasing a soccer ball, too

LOL! that makes a very funny mental image Guig0 :beam:


WOW GUIG0 you have a wild imagination.

i am good enough to take a scolarship and move on to be a superstar. :stuck_out_tongue: man this is a tough crowd.

you take a piece of the truth and make fun of me. well that was funny. but it is still not true.

i am a very very good player. maybe just maybe better than you. i haven’t seen you tho


football (real football, not soccer)

Hehe if it was real football why would they be playing with their arms ???

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**hmm but I know that they will beat madrid 2-0 at least… one thing for sure I will have to take a day off lol **

but i know that real madrid will win, not manchester. manutd will loose to the whites and thier magic :stuck_out_tongue:

mlk - just a joke from us westerners :wink:

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**…i am a very very good player. maybe just maybe better than you. i haven’t seen you tho **

well, if you´re not american you can be better than me :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

for brazillian standards i suck monkeys butt :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:


are you saying you are better than <i>all</i> Americans?



pretty much yes… in soccer, i mean :wink:

LOL rev, no i was just j/k…:stuck_out_tongue:

but you know that is a fact that americans suck big time when it comes down to soccer.

no, I don’t know that. Quite a few of my friends growing up played soccer…

I think you exagerate… just a bit… (when was the last time you were in the US?)

sorry about the rant, but I’m real tired of people telling me how America is…


no problem rev, but let me remind you that i´m just kiding you.

let me re-phrase that: according to Brazillian Standards most of the countries suck big time in soccer, just like os US standards most of the countries suck big time in basketball… got it?

Just to illustrate: a couple of years ago, an US National Team player (his name escapes me at this moment) came here to play for Vasco Da Gama, a club from rio de janeiro, at that time Vasco was really bad, losing all matches. This guy passed all year without even making to the bench. The club president, Eurico Miranda (a despized creature) stated at that time, that he was a huge loss of money.

I think we got to the final 8 of the Memorial Cup last time, didn’t we?

I know you are kidding

If we only had one sport to harness all of our athletes’ ability, don’t you think we’d dominate that sport like we do all others except soccer?


it isn´t memorial Cup… it is FIFA´s WORLD CUP :wink:

yeah! you´ve made to the final 8 last time, losing to germany for GER 1x 0 USA , and i cheered for you big time!

i don´t know if you remember the 94 world cup, where Brazil was the champion, one of the hardest matches in the entire cup was Brazil 1x0 USA. Man… just remembering gives me the jitters :hair:…

USA has a good team, but no individual stars. yet!

Check these links:


I was just pulling stuff out of my hat…

I barely am able to follow the Giants (Baseball), so any other sport gets very minimal observation.



why USA sucks big time compared to Brazil in soccer:

USA best Achievements:

– Semi-final 1930 FIFA World Cup Uruguay
– Champion 1991 CONCACAF Gold Cup
– Runner-up 1993 CONCACAF Gold Cup
– 3rd 1999 FIFA Confederations’ Cup Mexico

Brazil best Achievements:

– FIFA World Cup™ winners 1958, 1962, 1970, 1994, runners-up 1950, 1998
– Copa America winners 1919, 1922, 1949, 1989, 1997, 1999
– Runners-up in the Olympic Football tournament in 1976 and 1988
– Winners of the FIFA U-20 World Cup in 1983, 1985 and 1993
– Winners of the FIFA U-17 World Cup in 1997 and 1999

got it? :wink:

Like I said…

If the only pro sport in the country was “football” , do you really think you could go against our athletes? I mean we split our athletes between NFL, MBL, NBA, occasionally NHL, plus all of the amature athletes … ?


you mean MLB and that’s a **** good point, I never thought of that.