How about this for a tutorial

I decided to wait on the clock tutorial. and then I’ll just send both together. Within the next few days I’m gonig to write a tutorial to do this…

<embed src=“” height=250 width=250></embed>

the final thing will be a lot prettier, but you get the idea. Its done entirely with actionscript and dynamic text. I love Flash :slight_smile:

I decided to put the new one back in so everyone can see the progression…

Wow, that’s exceptionally ugly, Jubby, congrats. Are you trying to match my dragoon again ?
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I really like the way things are going with tutorials. :smiley: That’s great. I just wrote one, I hope I’ll get the TOTW :lol: It’s under, just draw something. It’s done with MX, even though the code is exactly similar to Flash 5.
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Can’t wait pom! Jubba, that would make an excellent tutorial :slight_smile:


its not ugly anymore!! yay!

<embed src=“” height=550 width=560></embed>

what do you think? i got it to do a carraige return and everything. I like it.

Pom, thats a cool effect.

take a look at this: :lol: :lol: :lol:…ooyah.html

ahhh, this one is 666 posts…:evil:

That’s so sweet Jubba…

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I saw you deleted your ugly swf. You shouldn’t have, it was fun. I didn’t delete my dragoon after all…
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THere is going to be a delay in those tuts i was going to send you. My computer decided to phuck me up the a$s. I’m probly out for a week or so. talk to you all later. I’ll be in and out at random times.

Well, it’s my host that decided to do what your comp did to you. “Abusive Download”, they say. I don’t know what that means, nobody ever goes to my site ?!??!! Anyway, I wrote a small tutorial about switch. Pretty basic.
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wut about switch?

:lol: When I get on this page, I can’t help laughing when I see your first animation. It’s really ugly. :lol: The second one is much better.
Well, switch, you know, there’s a tute on the first page of this site. switch / case.
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hihihi, MX has really amazing new possibilities. I just discovered the button clips. FUN !!! Await the tute…

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i need to get MX but I need to wait until i get my good computer back. And I sent both of my tutorials to Kirupa so when you get back from wherever the hell you went you can do them

I will, Jubby. Did you try mine ?

pom 0] , coming back on Thursday…

your’s is up? you’re coming back! YAY!! Which tutorial would you like me to do? anything that deals with MX i can’t try until next week sometime…

I was thinking about the listbox thing. But if you don’t have MX, that’ll be impossible. I’m gonna check yours soon…

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i’m going to be picking up MX soon. After i get my new computer back from the shop on Sunday. I’ll check it out then.