You want a tutorial on this?

Sup kirupa and kirupsters,
I have just made a Flash quiz (its my second version) with more centralized script which you can see here:

<a href=>Quiz_v2</a>

If anyone wants me to make a tutorial on it I can and right now I am working on a Quiz that takes the questions from a text file on your server that can be edited how you like, you may not get the code but I will explain what it all does.

So just reply if you want a tutorial for me to put on kirrupa’s tutorials and I am almost done with my loading variables tutorial since that seems like the popular flash thing to do right now by looking at how many times suprabeener had to post a link to the warned out subject lol. Oh yea that the quiz to Colin Moock from Actionscript:The Definitive Guide, he is a flash pimp and I think your should all buy his book if you want to learn real Actionscript!

cant wait. hehehe

I can’t wait either Dan. I’m eager to put them up on the site lol!


Tutorials are gold!!!