How much would you charge for this site?

I didn’t create the site, but I’m doing one very similar. I need to know how much to charge. I have to come up with a logo, site design, and create the forms (including cgi mail). There’s less than 10 pages total, but there’s plenty of content to keep me busy for a few days.

this is the site i’m comparing to:

What price range should I charge for the whole project?

I’d say a good $200.00?

nah, thats got a lot of backend ASP stuff. Something like that would be a lot more than $200.

Are you just talking about the logo and designs? or are you actually going to have the database work as well? If you are going to do the database and backend stuff then it would be a lot…

if not then yea… 200 sounds about right…

noob… I’m cheap 150 euro

I must have high standards - I wouldnt do that site for a measly $200 heh.

If you did all the layout design, logo design and backend work, I would say it’s anywhere from $700-$1500 for a site like that.

A logo design itself could run anywhere from $300+

w0w these are all low quotes in my book. I charge about 500$ for logos and company branding. Then I charge at least 50/hr. to do the site. I prefer charging by the hour because I’ve found out people change their minds less. Whatever you do just charge an amount that makes you happy.

depends on how much backend you do…if you are just making the forms and passing them to existing functions…eh i dont know…but my average cheap deal is 600$ for something smaller than what you are doing and that’s usually if i know you…

Whats the most expensive online thing you’ve done?

2000 Euro. 4 a Site.

20 page’s
lay-out+ logo + 2 sumit forms. One orderform two Mail form.

I agree, I guess it depends on how much they’re asking you to do…

If it’s a design, logos & branding, image creation, coding and all the backend, then be asking for a grand or so in English money. That or charge by the hour. I think my hourly rate is something like £20 for artwork and £25 for coding. :beam: But then again, that could be a little low, since I make my income from a 9 - 5 at Churchill…

*Originally posted by T-O *
**2000 Euro. 4 a Site.

20 page’s
lay-out+ logo + 2 sumit forms. One orderform two Mail form. **

anyone know what euro is converted to USD?

100 wooh hooo :moustache

1.00 EUR
Euro = 1.13540 USD
United States Dollars

Thanks to the EURO canada got bumped out of the top three most expencive currencies. It used to be PoundSterling, USD, CND, now theres a EURO between PoundSterling and USD.

Wow, thanks for the replies guys! The only stuff I will actually be programming (if that’s what you call it) is the mail forms. All I’m really doing is pointing a form to a cgi-email script. The site is going to be all standard html for the most part.
BTW, how long does it take you guys to finish a project like this? I’ve got a good 15 hours into it and not quite done yet.
Thanks for your help!

it takes… err… uhh… ummm…

oh yeh! i havent had any clients yet! im too young! stupid me

300+ thats about 3000krs big money :slight_smile:
I thought a site like this will cos maybe 50$ or 100$ but 300$ thats very much :trout:

But for a compay its not. maybe you u guys are right 300$ its cool. You did work hard for this one.