How Much Would I Charge For This Website?

As some of you know, I’m currently working on my company-portfolio based website.

I’ve never done a website for anyone before - so I’d like to know some good prices.

Please don’t tell me 50 dollars for a website unless you are insane. Someone paying me 50 dollars for a website will probably get 1/10 of a logo :sure:.

What if someone wanted a site that needed:

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Flash
  • PS
  • 3DSM (a little of it)
  • After Effects
  • Sound Effects

How much would you charge? For starters I’d say about around anywhere from 5k - 10k depending on the size of the project.

What do you think?

uh… Never had that problem… Probally Just Tell them… throw what ever means you contact then in the first place. MSN… YaHoo… Phone. :stuck_out_tongue:

I see.

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I still get 13x les than you do
ANd I’m nowhere near the 5 digit

Also think about updates. I have a good handful of clients now and their updating needs vary. Some websites take a lot of my time, so I have to charge them more. Others, I’ve written administration websites that are password protected so they can go in and safely update their own information without my assistance.

If you want to be a free-lance web designer, I believe you owe it to yourself, and your clients, to learn a server-side language. When you do, you can program submission forms and move on to ecommerce.

Had to throw in 2¢

For starters I’d say about around anywhere from 5k - 10k depending on the size of the project.

$10 000 ???

edit: nevermind it’s got to be america… :rabbit:

Sharif -> Can i see some of the sites you’ve done. I’m just interested. I’m 13 too, and I’ve done some webdesign, recently started with flash. Don’t know if i can make money on it yet.

Simon Henriksen


@Simon - check out Sharifs home page - I’ll bet he’s got links there to some of his work. :wink:

Where do i see his website url?

You can’t expect to charge 5-10k without meeeting your client first. That’s a whole lot of $$$. At your age I’d be happy with whatever I can get my hands on.

Click on his name and a menu pops up. One of the choices should be “visit Sharif’s homepage!” or something like that.


edit oops! nevermind! He has chosen not to list it. He used to have it on there and it was cool :frowning:

Then i hope Sharif can tell me.

Sharif, can you tell me your website url? I’m very interested like i wrote in a post above.

I haven’t made my website yet. I’m planning it and only have the layout, ideas, 3d ideas, animation ideas and logo ready.

I wish I had the domain and hosting already so I can set up a script to e-mail everyone once it launches…thanks for the interest :).

When it’s done, only a few people will see it first like unflux so I can show him what type of site I need hosting on. And digitalosophy just to clarify some stuff. And others who can help get higher ranking on search engines by linking me :hugegrin:.

It won’t go to the public that quick :). But I promise when it’s ready, I’ll post it in the showcase forums ;).

BTW - If I’m gonna charge in 1000s, you guys are probably thinking - “Haha, this site is gonna be ridiculous. Probably made with a bunch of squares and text. What’s this kid thinking?”

  • Trust me, it won’t. I’ll try to keep a bunch of colored squares to a minimum (-:. I’m trying to add as much as media flash, ae, 3dsm) as possible so I can show clients that I talk big with no skills ;).

Sounds good. When it comes that far, we can exchange links :wink:

Simon Henriksen