How to control ....with a frame action

I have the following situation : on scene1 there is a movie clip , instance name : “mc1” ;

“mc1” runs 300 frames and as the last is reached (300th one) I wish this frame controls the action and make it skip to next scene , which is scene 2 ;

I´ve tried that control line bellow -( issued at frame 300) - without result , because it performs a go to and play to the frame 1 of “mc1” and not to frame 1 of scene2 ;

gotoAndPlay (“scene2”, 1);
stop ();

Testing the movie with control+shift+enter I can see on debugging screen something like _level0.mc1 what makes me suspect on wrong pathing , despite I don´t know what is wrong.

Can someone give me a hint to make that stuff work ?

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Try that.

Just to let you know, even when the addressing is correct, I can’t get my movies to goto scenes without using a framelabel. I suggest placing a frame label in the first frame of scene two and then using the following.



the _root, tells the player that it’s directing the action to the main timeline. The frame label, tells it which frame on that timeline it should go to.

Haha, beat you david :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, you can only change scenes on the main timeline.

That is why I first tell it to go to the _parent (which in this case is the main timeline) and just use the nextScene() action.

Works great for me.

**** you LOB… that is a good option too. :slight_smile:

I forgot to mention. The reason for this is simple. Commands given are understood by the player to be directed localy to whatever is calling them. So a gotoAndPlay(); method is directed towards the main timeline if it’s located on the main timeline, or it’s directed towards a movie clip if it’s either on that movie clips timeline, or attached to the movie clip, or attached to a button within a movie clip.

_root directs attention to the main timeline from whereever you are.
_parent directs the attention to the timeline that contains the timeline which contains the code in question.

And yet you outdo me once more :slight_smile:

I love your explanations david.

Without them I think I would be lost (well, I am… but thats just my name)

rofl. Thanks beta. Glad that I can always elaborate on something for yah. :slight_smile:

I am glad you can too.

Through better understanding you will have better understanding… right?

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The logical _parent.nextScene() has not worked , what seems
very illogical ;

I solved the problem by issuing _root.gotoAndPlay(“skip_scene”) on the frame of the movie clip ; on main timeline of scene I labeled a frame “skip_scene” .

That is odd. It worked great for me.

Well at least you got it working:)