How to Learn Front End Web Development in 6 Weeks?

I want to learn how to convert a PSD Website Template into a working HTML5/CSS3/jQuery Template.
The purpose is to be get hired for a job as a Front-End Web Developer.
For this learning, I have only 6 Weeks.
I know very basic knowledge of HTML and CSS.
I have no prior knowledge of jQuery.
Where should I start from and how should I learn this all?

Youtube has lots of good tutorials just find one that works for you. Also if your just looking to learn HTML5, CSS & jQuery has you covered. Also Stackoverflow should be informational if you get stuck on anything (or here).

I would sign up for an online bootcamp. It’s a good way to stay organized and have a clear study plan.
I tend to get lost if I am just looking through different articles and tutorials. Bootcamps guide you through what you need to know to become a front-end developer.