How to make Borderless window?

I would like to know how to make a borderless window like the one which was made in this site for the tutorials section.
Please let me know How is it done… Thank u … jAy

First… there is a tutorial for that in the tutorial section…

Second… Borderless (aka Chromeless) windows are pretty much gone as of IE6 SP1. As IE is the only browser that supports Chromeless windows, but with IE6 SP1, it no longer supports chromeless windows and there is no fix as of yet.

So Pretty much…

IE 6 and below = Chromeless enabled
IE SP1 = Chromeless disabled
Netscape IE SP1 = Chromeless disabled
Opera IE SP1 = Chromeless disabled

As being as AOL 8.0 now switched to Netscape anyways… you will have a majority of people not seeing your chromeless window.

You mean like what color it should be and what size shape or something?

If you are still interested in the tutorial, it can be found here…

There is a .js file to download there for it to work.

Beware in IE6 SP1 it will open as a full screen window, there used to be a patch for this available at (makers of the chromeless windows), but they removed it, it had a bug in it that caused the parent window to become white with the text “[ object ]” displayed in it.

It did nothing but open a standard javascript pop-up window anyway.