How To Model In 3DSM

Hey all you 3Ders…err…

In Max6, I have let’s say a standard sphere. I converted this into an editable mesh.

A problem is that when I select edit faces the lines for the sphere doesn’t show.

Like usually they would show faces seperately by using those 3D lines/grids that go around the shape but they aren’t showing and most of the time I have to be careful of what face I’m selecting.

How can I fix this?

Also, what are some good ways to model? I know there has to be a better way to model than just selecting a bunch of squares/faces and pushing them in/out.

F4, F3, F2 for the wireframe stuff… and there are modeling techinques like lofting box modeling. nurbs all kinds of stuf… you just have to read a lotta tutes

Yea I know about nurbs and lofts and stuff.

Thanks - I’ll try it out and press all the F buttons now :). Hopefully my computer won’t explode :ne:.

Edit: Just tried it all. The wireframe is good. Shows all the faces.

But can’t I make the lines and the shape show?

Sounds like you’re very new to 3ds Max… I’d recomend a site to start from: - they were what got me started.

Can’t find the tutorials section :ne:.

Slaps Self

I’d recommend the tutes that came with 3ds max

Alright I’ll read some of those now :).

Top left of the viewport, right click on the word Perspective, Top, whatever viewport it it, and make sure “Smooth and Highlights” and “Show Edged Faces” are selected. Best of both wireframe and smoothed objects :slight_smile:

Well this is a VERY broad question. How to model?
There are thousands of ways to model bro, ask some specifically. Modeling with what? Polys? Nurbs? what?

Uh If I knew I wouldn’t be asking ;).

I’m asking what types of things do people usually model with? Like do they use box modelling? Poly? Nurbs? I’m asking in general. Anyone can answer with whatever they use the most and why. This helps me learn what some good methods for certain shapes are.


Hrmm I see your point. I was just thinking that this is a very broad question you know?

Probably is.

I’m just happy my lines are back :thumb:.

Right-click on the viewport name and select Edged Faces.

How would I animate just the view? Using cameras right?

Any tutorials on that?

So I got cameras working and I know now how to model using meshes and stuff.

What would I use to model cars?

Modeling cars?
That’s a big leap there Sharif, but I’d say use NURBS. Best for nice curves and great renders.

Since your using max 6, you’ll be wanting to poly model a basic shape and meshsmooth it using NURMS. Jumping straight into modelling a car… it’s alot for a beginner. Try something easier first is my suggestion.

I don’t exactly mean modelling cars. But things with modelling frames. Like ever taken a close look at a cellphone? The frame of it? The battery with the perfect curves…