Howard The Duck

Having a discussion at work the other day when somehow I brought up the Film ‘Howard the Duck’.

The thing is no1 at work had heard of the film. I thought it was quite popular but i was obviosly wrong.

has any1 else seen the film? and do u remember the plot?

omg Ive seen that movie a billion times… though I honestly cant remember much about the plot haha. I just remember that ferris bueller’s principle was a bad guy and howard had to stop a bunch of aliens from coming through some portal to destroy earth. Good stuff. Cant go wrong with a talking duck.

did they make a sequel??


I used to have it on tape years ago.

yeah i remember it, i remember that girl kissing howard lol. I also remember those giant monsters coming to earth at the end and the doctors nasty tongue.

I remember that movie from being a kid. It was always on the Pay TV channels! I think it had some Nudity in it though… that may be the reason It sticks out in my mind as an impressionable kid :slight_smile:

nah, the rockstar girl shows her braw, nothing more.

I remember that movie as well! I can only picture the end, though. I need to watch it again. Anyone willing to lend a VHS? =)

Check the trailer:

I didn’t know it was a George Lucas film.

was it a flop or did it do alright in the box office?

I think they did, don’t remember the name though.

I saw it in the cinema when it came out.

I agree with IMDB’s rating of 3.9/10. Not a good movie.

i must have been young and naive cus i thought it was the greatest movie ever when i first saw it. Of course i also loved ninja turtles 1,2 and 3 lol

Haha, I’ve never seen this movie but we have this like 1,000 page book about ever movie ever and I think it’s the lowest rated movie in the book.
Must be good!

never trust the critics;)

Hey now, ninja turtles 1 was a great movie :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


The plot was…

Howard was a talking duck who lived on a planet far away with a lot of other talking ducks until one day a science experiement on earth involving portholes and cross universe thingies sucked Howard from his home to Cleveland.

In Cleveland he meets this chick who is in a rock band. They become pals and he lives with her while trying to find a job. In the meantime she has a pal (Tim Robbins by the way in one of his first movies, by the way this embarasses him nowdays) who happens to work at the local observtary where the experiments were taken place. When the head honcho at the observtary (sp?) (Ferris Buellers principal) hears of Howard he puts 2+2 together and comes up with the failed experiment.

They go back to the lab and recreate it but this time a real bad monster is sucked down and posses the head honchos body. Howard steals the key used to work the machine so the baddie can’t bring more of his friends down from…wherever

And so a merry chase begins involving ducks that can’t swim, the baddie walking into a nuclear reactor and a fight in a diner where for some reason the patrons wanna kill Howard…

All in all it was good when I was a kid and I would watch it now for nostalgia reasons (or possibly to see an oscar winner humiliate himself, eh tim) but I seem to remember I stopped watching it for a reason…it sucked.

wow thanks rabbell;)


Awesome recap man!

That exactly it. ha ha