HTML dynamic text = anti alias

Does anyone know how I can have
a dynamic text box with HTML coding
enabled without the text being anit-aliased.
I am using the FFF Harmony pixel font
and whenever I choose to embed the
font it comes up very blurry when my
movie is published. Anyone???..


Ive read those instructions and…****!
That is a lot of rules just to have text come up
correctly. I also see by reading those rules that
these pixel fonts are not going to work for me
because :

I need to have the text centered
I need to have the text bold or underlined because if not
the text will have huge space when I use the <br> code

Although I do have the font set to 8pt and I have it set to a definate X and Y postion (x 154.0, y 158.0).
Are there any other suggestions or fonts that I can use.

Also by embedding pixel fonts, it sometimes is not showing at all…Sound familiar???