Non selective dynamic text

is it possible to create a dynamic text that is not selective?

'cause i made this menu and i use pixel fonts and the holes in the letters get filled when i publish them…

Well yes it is. Just click on your text box and hit CTRL+F3 to open the properties panel. IN there you will see a little button that says “Ab” where the “b” has a black background.

Click that button and your textbox will toggle from selectable to unselectable.

This isn’t your problem though, because even if you make it dynamic, you will need to embed the font outline for other people to see it if they don’t have it installed. This causes anti-aliasing like on static text.

The problem is probably that your pixel font is a Photoshop pixel font and does not need to fall on exact pixels. There are specific pixel fonts made for Flash that fall on exact pixels (and must be or else they will blur). You can some of those at

They just offer free samples, but they are good fonts.

hmm… why is the text look like its Anti-Aliased?

Because it isn’t falling on exact pixels in Flash like it has to. Since it is not on exact pixels Flash anti-aliases it to fill up that extra space.

Flash is incredibly picky with pixel fonts. It will probably drive you insane in the end.

I usually stick to Verdana. Nice and clear when set dynamically, and almost every computer in the world comes with Verdana installed so there is no need to embed the font outline.

then if i dont want to be a nutcase id better stop using bitmap fonts or what?

No you can still use them, I am just letting you know that a lot of times they get blurry for no reason so you have to adjust by decimals sometimes.

I haven’t used them really but the 2 fonts for flash sites I listed above have some great fonts and they all work in Flash (as proven because their sites are flash and the fonts look great).

there you are right :smirk:

but… how much space does it take to embed a font`??

an extra 22k i think.

he… then ill embed it… :slight_smile:

its only a little menu :smiley:

but then my next problem… (-: why does my rectangles get skewed ?

I didn’t work with pixel fonts either, but what size are you using for your font, i guess thier are specific sizes for pixel fonts.

8 px… ive worked alot in photoshop… but not the new flash mx, only flash 5…

the pixel font is fixed now… now my biggest problem is the regtangels is skewed everytime i draw one :frowning:

Hmmm, it makes no sense that your rectangles are skewed when you draw them. You need to use the free transform tool for that.


well… id say that too… but they are… its not much… but u can see it… :frowning:

Hmmm, I really don’t know what to tell you there. I have never experienced the problem of Flash automatically scewing my draw squares slightly. Can you post a screenshot? (either as an attachment or upload it to a server and link to it).

2 sec… maybe the problem is fixed… tried restarting flash… now there doesn’t seem to be anything =)

Well that is good.

well… it didn’t help anyways :frowning:

I have never experienced that. Maybe you can contact Macromedia and ask them.