New to the Forum game and would love some reviews of my site!!!

Cool Flash Designs, but you seem awfully fond of Mystery Meat Navigation, which is defined at

Im not saying that your web page(s) suck, i am just saying that they use mystery meat navigation, and many believe that to be bad site design.

Here is a link that explains Mystery Meat Navigation

I was able to find buttons, but keep in mind that the average internet user is not as experienced as you or I.

Other than that, great work…

Thanks, and I will keep that in mind for the next version coming soon!! I guess my target audience was not the so called ‘average user’ in this case. But like I said, I will keep this in mind.


I agree with majeye about the nav system. Also, the site is good, but it just isn’t my style. Too dark and hard to see things, but as I said this is just not my style - it is well put together however… keep flashing!! :cowboy:

Majeye: I checked your site out… had to ask, what do you spin (assuming you DJ by the header at your site, and in the background of your pickures). Im partial to funky/disco/oldschool house… but I also like some trance (VERY picky in this genre however) and hardhouse.


thanks for the critique! Even though it’s not your style, I respect your opinion and I thank you for your honesty. Like I said, I tried to target an audience that DOES have some experience on the net. Maybe I misjuged in my thinking, but I had some expectation of whoever visited my site, had some common knowledge. I mean the color choice of blue for the rollovers, contrasts the rest of the piece, does it not. do they not stand out? when you rollover the fingers, is there not an explanation of what the user will enter? That is just where my mindFrame was when I created this navigation earlier this month. There are links to other sites I created on my site, and a ‘visualPortfolio’ created in flashMX. I know that it is alittle different, but that was the whole idea. Again, THANKS for your comments!!

Yah, we’re not hating, we’re just nit-picking. It was a great site, with lots of creativity. We are just trying to give you feedback. Cool.

Ryall: I mainly scatch Hip-hop, cuz im really into that sorta thing, including freestyling, but other than that, i dont do much else. I have some bunk belt-driven gemini tables, and a 3-channel Numark mixer. Its not the greatest equipment, but it allows my frinends and i to spit some rhymes. I’m not partial to any type of dance, trance, or rave music, R&B, so that kinda limits my DJ careeer LOL. but its pretty much just another thing that i wish i had more time to work with… I do not picture myself being in lights, even though your footer and avatar make it look very cool… wiggy wiggy

No problem!!!I encourage nit-picking. Only makes me aware of the stuff I didn’t catch. My reply was not ment to slash out, just explain my thinking. I thank you for nit-picking. is cool yo!!

Too bad yall aren’t in Texas, got a phat party im goin to tonight. One of my boyz is spinnin and throwin this little shindig. From the sounds of it, think yall would like it!

If I were near, I’d be there!!

Majeye: I like the hip hop scene as well. Infact I’d spin that too occasionally, but I dont have unlimited $$$ to be buying records in EVERY genre!!! wish I did! :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, I’m into the “party” thing… there’s nothing like spinning for a few hundred dancing people!!! Such an awesome feeling!