I hate copy-writing!

Hello all,

Well I should be working but yet again I find myself spamming the forums. I’m catching up on some creative copy writing that has been on the bottom of my priorities list for weeks. Anyways, I’m sitting here thinking “why the heck do I do this stuff?” Clients really love the fact that I’ll come up with the content for their sites but I’m really not digging it.:hair:

How many of you write the copy for sites you create? Is it as big of a pain in the rear for you as it is for me? How much do copy writers cost?




Thats the worst. Especially if your not too familiar with the business. On the bright side you can charge more $$. (If you go the hourly route)

lol. If I charged them hourly for writing I’d be making 6 figures. :stuck_out_tongue:

From what I’ve been told I’m a good writer but it takes me forever just to write one convincing paragraph.:upset:

I only do it for easy businesses like clubs, golf courses, hotels etc…

A good writer eh? :beam:

[size=1]Mayyybeee I will shovel off my future copy-writing crap on you[/size]

okeee dookie feastar. I’s rights good words for u.

Seriously though, any idea how much these writers charge?

I find it impossible to write for a company I don’t work for. So, we always require them to write their own history, about section, etc etc. If they would rather have us do it, then they will be charged extra as fester suggested.

On the other hand you have 2 clients like I have now, who refuse to do anything for themselves, and their projects are just sitting there for months waiting for content. :sigh:

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lol Sometimes I feel like I’m a teacher assigning homework when tell clients to write copy. I swear I’ve had clients dodge my calls simply because they didn’t want me to preach to them about the importance of a lot of quality copy. lol

I also really hate when they piss around getting information to me because after they finally get their butt in gear they expect the site to be up the next day.

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CG - I’ve never used an outside writer, but we usually charge a seperate rate for writing for them. Not sure that helps, but generally it’s lower than the design rate.

or take forever to get something to you, never do, then complain that the site isn’t done. Which is what I’m going through right now. Oye…

You’re darn tootin’ it better be lower! lol

I’m at the point where I’m actually considering tracking down my old highschool english teacher and asking him to help me out. He’s an excellent writer and a great guy, I’m just afraid he might think I’m low-balling him to pad my own pockets.

@UNFLUX :rabbit: knee slapping some people are crazy :stuck_out_tongue:

I am trying to dig out an old quote from one of our writers however my half-arse organizing system is preventing me from finding anything.

::keeps looking::