::::***I NeEd OpInIoNs.. CLiCk HeRe!***::::

please visit my site and give me comments on it! i need 2 improve!! ryt now im on the track to making a new website… cuz im starting to think this one is a lil bad…


my older projects available to be looked at on the link above… comments on those dont count too much to me but if you have some spare time, do check em out. Thanx alot!

BTW, kirupa.com was a BIG help to the site production! most of the stuff on my site are based ont he tutorials given by this very site… i thank you lots!

Hey onesixtyeight,
The site is really nice. Just a few comments: try to make the drop-down arrow that reveals the menu more obvious. Some people might not know to click on the arrow to reveal the menu. Also, have you considered increasing the frame rate for your intro animation? I think the animation would look really cool with the frame rate at something such as 20 or 24 fps.

Another minor gripe, you could add a hit state to the Skip Intro button. It keeps the people from having to click on the Enter Here text exactly. In your Enter Here button, insert a keyframe under Hit State. Draw a rectangle that covers your text. Don’t worry, the rectangle will not be part of the movie. When you preview the movie, you will now be able to click in between the letters in Enter Here and still click the link.

While it may seem that I don’t like your site, I actually think the site is really nice :slight_smile: I like the orange colors, and the pool of squares effect is really quite nice :slight_smile: Nice work!


KILL THE POP UPS. those are sooo annoying… specially those ones that up and go fullscreen on ya. i had to load up my pop-up killer with all those before i could view the site.