IDEAS: Online Design Work Manager

I work as a web designer, with 2 others (my boss who runs the business and another programmer)…I’m moving to college in september which is about an hour away from my work so I plan on working out of my dorm room. So we have to create an online PHP manager to let me know about pending jobs, maintenance work and progress of current jobs, with out having to call my boss every day.

I was checking if anyone has experiance in a program like this or has worked at home/away from work.

some features (feel free to add to the list or give tips):
-a login page
-to do list w/3 levels of importance (low, medium, high)
-an add job page, just a form with dates/titles/job description/server info
-timesheet with area to describe the work ive done and the amount of time on each
-a message bulletin for the homepage to leave messages-probably shout box style
-check-in/out for work option