In the Dark with Jesus

I would rather walk in the Dark with Jesus than alone in the Light. <–Edit

I read that on a church sign today.

I have a few reactions…

… One, why couldn’t you walk in the light and not be alone?

I get a feeling of it’s better not to ask questions and just follow what is told, kind of a feel.

Any christians care to explain it to me?

Who’s that Jesus you all talk about?
Is him a character of a book?

Many Christains adopt this belief in God for fear of being alone. Not sure why the idea of being alone in this existance is so bad but apparently it is. It’s basic human psychology…

Heres a couple of statements

Man created God

God Created Man

this ?= true

*Originally posted by upuaut *
**Just a thought… Cold doesn’t exist at all. To feel something does not mean that it exists. We feel cold, but what we are experiencing is a lack of heat.

This applies to God as well. Just because we feel him doesn’t mean he exists. **

this actually doesn’t even make sense… assuming that cold IS a lack of heat (i dunno or care really :P), then HEAT is the thing that exists…

so if god is something that we THINK we feel but don’t really (like you’re saying), then what is the thing that exists in this case - non-god?

it’s hard to explain, but i hope u understand

slight typo there phil, but you’ve got the right idea…

heat doesn’t really exist; it’s just an absence of COLD…