INFINITYDESIGN light version

hi to everyone…
please check my personal website of my web design studio…
this is the light version …the total flash coming soon…:stuck_out_tongue:
thanks to all that will reply:tb:
here the link

besides the frames, i like it.

Love the logo and the header - the site is simple and “light” as you said - looking forward to your flash site. :thumb:

it looks way too broken up into sections. its too divided. no flow to it at all.

Looks good. One thing I’m not fond of is the background where the content displays looks different in every section… I sorta like the all black look (in the portfolio section) or the gradient in the main page.

I have to agree with vectortrance, like the “all black” look, makes it more unified, and I’m not fond of the menu’s location. I would move it to float all the way to the right of the window.

As for the frames, I’m not crazy about them either, but at times it is needed. There is a way in css to have a frame, with a full scroll bar on the left side with your header always in it’s position, even though you scroll the content.

and i’m choose to made it in this way…let’s check now:P

and i’m choose to made it in this way…let’s check now:P

The white space at the bottom is it supposed to be there… Because that ruins the whole design.

nice… just make the lower part consistant

thanks to all…check now my update for the website

I don’t like:

a) That wack white space
b) How the portfolio section is different in design from every other page, and the fact that you make it scroll left-right, which may sound cool in your brain, however scroll wheel functionality is lost.

I didn’t really see any difference, except for the menu, which was changed a while back already. As for the whitespace some are mentioning, I can’t see it, but that may just be my monitor.

Can you mention what you changed?

if you have a smaller resolution you probably wouldn’t see the whitespace… either way, its there, and its wack

all it needs is a background-color: #whatever to match the ending grey in the gradient

I love this site. It’s so pretty! Apart from that frame thing, I’ve got a big ugly scrollbar showing. Not feeling it.