Initial D - The arcade game!

Hey guys,
I just started playing Initial D today, while in FL, and man it’s so fun!!!
I mean if you the kind of person who loves fast cars, and some rice, then check this game out. It’s so much fun, with the memory card you get for it. While playing, and you eventually stop, it spits out this cool looking card, that has some basic data like what your car is and whatnot, and you can just continue off. This is no ordinary race game, it’s so realistic and challenging!!!

Check it out for 75 cents!


You get a memory card??? Is it a real memory card? Like… 128 mb or what? That’d be awesome for 75 cents.

cool, arcade games are so dead in my country! the last game that arrived at the store was Daytona: Battle of the edge (or something like that) :stuck_out_tongue:

Lol no not like a REAL plastic, 1/4 inch memory unit, It’s like a thick piece of this hard paper, with data on it. Only use for Initial D.
Trust me guys, check it out, if you can, sorry Berko!!!

ok! I´ll try it! :thumb:


Aw Berko!
I feel bad that you’ll never get to experience the joy I just had… If you ever come to the states, shout a holler, and we’ll find you one! :wink:

Hard paper? Aw boo. :frowning:

Hehe, just kidding, if I see it around I’ll try it out. :)[size=1]

[EDIT] Grinch - Gotta say, I love your footer. :thumb: Everytime I see anything to do with Pink Floyd I get a Pink Floyd song stuck in my head. My computer science midterm was full of references to Pink Floyd songs (in the code snippets). It was a hard exam to do without bursting into song. :([/size]

Hope you get to play it hifi!!!