Is this cheating?

This is a main page of my portfolio v2 that i’m about to launch. I imagined the letters to stick to the mouse on rollover, and searched flash kit for a starting point. But, i found nearly exactly what i was looking for and it needed only a little bit of tweeking. Do you guys think this is a recognisable trick that i’ve stolen, or have i just made use of open source? Coz if i hadnt have found it, i would have just created it myself to make it virtually identical! I plan to credit the code in the site if i stick with it. What do u think? Thanks in advance.

Goddam it, ive done it again.

Are you asking if its reasonable to use someone else’s source for your own project? Well I don’t see a problem with using the same code to achieve certain effects (especially if thats the easiest way to do it), but I would never think it’s acceptable to just copy the design.

it’s a pain to navigate; change it to something else…

I agree, there was no actual design in the thing i copied, just code to make somethin stick to the mouse. Thats all i’ve, uhm, borrowed. mlk, how do you mean? I was thinking that it might not be too obvious to find the buttons and i may put up an alternative nav bar aswell… is that what u mean? I’ll sort all that when i put the whole thing up for cc.

no it isn’t cheating, just using tutorials you found.
but the navigation is a bit… unintuitive. at least make the letters used for navigation another colour or put an arrow under them or sumthin…

Cheers all. I knew thatd be a problem… i’ll get to it.