iTunes for Windows

So, I am an avid PC user, and a year and a half ago I did this program using G4’s in a mac lab. I was skeptical as most PC users are of mac’s it seems. But it is balanced by the just-shy-of-evangelical behavior of mac users towards PCs. Needless to say I used the G4’s all throughout the year and got more and more used to them. Then I found myself frequenting the Apple site looking for their latest and greatest. The G5 came out and I felt this uncontrollable urge to HAVE IT (not yet though -$$$-). Ultimatly I get sh*t from both sides now, each spout pathetic moot points or misconceptions of the other platforms’ quality.

In a cheesy sense, can’t we all just get along. From a designers point of view, everything about a mac is GORGEOUS. Literally from the second you open the package. But PC’s are awsome too, for instance their capacity to be infinitly customizable from the ground up. But there is more to both than just that.

In reality it seems that the PC user’s almost deny the fact that the mac is even an “computer” rather than point out every facet of the machine as being flawed. But the mac users are not different, in ways they are even worse.
It’s like a sick form of tech-racism. I want to scream and tell both sides to get over themselves. I am just glad that both mac and pc are coming out more an more with cross-compadible software (regardless if it is mostly for competition).

To make a very long winded, bitter-encrusted and sort of pointless story short. . .I got iTunes for windows and it rules.


Well said Graeme.

ha ha

…MAC users :sigh:

ha ha

… PC users :sigh:

…wait a minute… (?)

Well personally I actually like designing on a mac better than on a PC, I dunno why though, it must be some very small interface detail or something, but it always seems like I am working with a lot more room. Plus dragging from say photoshop to illustrator is on a mac is easier than doing it on a PC. But nevertheless designing on a PC will NOT give you a terrible experience. It is just as good techniqually.

Don’t knock it till you have tried it though, seems like mac haters don’t actually know WHY they hate them. An article they read in a PC magazine perhaps? Overheard another bitter mac haters conversation at a bar? It is amazing how little fuel ingnorance needs to keep going.