Mac VS Windows in Graphic Design

I’ve been hearing alot about how Macintosh is a leading Os if your a Graphic Designer. What do you think and why?

Yea I would have to agree although I hate using OSX all together becasue I dont know the shortcuts very well. Its like when I go to work I design on the mac and I know some shortcuts but when I get home to my PC, I end up pressing alt instead of control becasue I been pressing that **** apple key all day. I also press control on my PC to right click! Hahahaha.

This is a no win thread, it all depends on the user and the artists ability and comfort zone.

I will be watching this thread since I think it will end up being a flame session. I would stop it now but I want to see if for once a civilized conversation about PC’s and MAC’s can happen. First retarded remark and this thread gets the boot!


Just kidding… I’ll ditto what DDD said. I’d enjoy working on a mac because it looks so much nicer and i’d like to try a different OS than Windows, but on the other hand I don’t have enough money at hand…

lol…mlk I almost hit delete when I saw your post…lol

See that, these so called “mods” get powerful juicy delete buttons.

Anyways - I’d have to say windows because I used windows all my life. I’m used to using ctrl for shortcuts :).

But I don’t think it matters whether you’re on a mac/windows/linux. Just because you use a mac doesn’t mean you’re great ;). It depends on how much you know and what you can prove with your system and copy of photoshop.

So yea, windows is my vote :).

Bwahaha MX and I had a big AIM discussion about this!
I prefere Windows becuase you can do the SAME thing on windows, while having games and other useful applications.

Technically, Mac is better. The Motorola processor works with the kind of coding that Photoshop, and especially the Apple suit of programs more efficiently then an AMD or an Intel. Also, OSX and Photoshop CS are built to work together, designed to work together, so Photoshop will work much faster on a Mac then a PC.

Mac isn’t using Motorola Power PCs anymore, starting with the G5s, they switched over to IBM, which are even faster (by far hehe).

there are so many points worth mentioning in this mac/pc debate
and im sure we’ve all heard them before. but in the end, imho,
windows does get the job done. but then again…

i like to compare Mac/PC this way:

PCs are like your average, mid-market car. people buy them because they’re cheap and they do everything that they need. the childish people can even slap on a plastic body-kit, flashing neon lights and huge mufflers to customize it to their liking. it gets them from A to B. no fancy stuff, no power-windows or electric seats or trip-computer, just the basic stuff. everyone’s happy. family ppl can have an affordable method of transport, and the boofheads can have their cheaply-modified, cheap-looking ‘street-racing’ cars. but these mid-market cars do tend to break-down, the company makes re-calls, and they get old and need to be replaced after a while.

Macs however, can be compared to an up-market BMW (say, a 7-series :P). its got everything; including a champanage-cooler. they’re expensive and cost a lot to run, but they’re just pure luxury. all the extras, plus better performance than your average car. now, you wouldn’t go drag-racing in a brand-new BMW, would you? no. because they’re not meant for that. if they were, they’d absolutely 0wn at it, but they’re beyond that.

err… i think ive made my point… im not sure where *nix falls into all this… perhaps they’re those new, emerging hybrid/electric cars? :stuck_out_tongue:

either way, i want a Mac :smiley:

Why in the world did 1007 people vote? har har har

Rofl - 1002 votes for windows.

o.O how the hell did 1000 ppl vote since 2pm?

i’ve already had this debate at another forum, the end result being the (near-future) purchase of a dual G5 PowerMac. I’m reallllly excited :slight_smile: VROOOOOOM

…luckily i have a summer job to burn the $$$$ on a macaroni.


btw, mac got my vote :wink:

oh, btw: check out for a complete Mac/PC comparison. to discus it.

windows baby

Turns out everyone’s a little different. If everyone were the same, then everyone would be the same.

i uh, a bit confused there where in hell did 1002 people come from in 4 hours!
I smell a hax0r in the breeze.

DDD i didn’t want to make this a flame thread in that purpose, the problem is i really don’t know much about macs since I don’t use it often. Considering this might help me to consider buying the OSX Tiger and a G5 computer.

Like what's different in say the perspective of Running Macromedia Flash on Microsoft rather then running Flash on a mac

If it whould help running this in a non Flaming streak, maybe moving it to Ordered…

just a thought :pope:

@jimhere your right at that level, some people are used to 1 clicker mice while others use 2 clickers

the extra 1000 or so people came from a mod editing the poll :wink:

that’s not right, i mean mods do have power but it’s just not right to be all high in your act and mess up a decent poll. I really wanted to see wether it was a good idea to get mac or not

Ok - while I am not sure who edited the poll earlier, I edited and closed the poll to make it less controversial.

I prefer Windows. I’ve yet to find a graphics program that does not work for the PC, and my systems don’t offer me any problems. I’d rather upgrade my PC/laptop with the latest stuff every few years rather than plunking down a lot for a mac and keeping it for 4 or 5 years.