.jpg, .png -> pixel art?

Is it possible to take an image from the web in say .jpg format and turn it into a pixel image using PS? I mean take something like a picture of a car and make it detailed in pixel form? Not sure how to explain? Or does it have to be done from scratch?

There is a Pixelate filter in Photoshop.

Sorry lost for not being more clear! I know about the filter but I was wondering whether it was a good way of making pixel art?

Not really… it doesn’t give that pixel art feel.

Pixel Art comes from manually making those dots all on your own. It is a long tedious process, but quite addicting.

If you wanted to make a pre-existing image into a pixel art image… have fun dot-tracing :beam:


You’ll have to excuse my stupid questions lost, but what do you mean by “dot-tracing”? How would that give a pixel image from a jpeg?

I meant that you would have to zoom in and trace the image in pixel art form.

That is… by taking the 1px pencil tool and zooming all the way in and tracing it to make it look more pixel-artish.

I don’t know of any easy way of taking a pre-existing image and turning it into realistic pixel art, I would figure you would have to recreate it from scratch using the prexisting image as a guide.