Just a simple question...about everybody!

I got involved because of years of preparation. When I was 5 I was drawing flip books, when I was 10 I was constructing whole cities out of legos (we had something like 40,000 peices between my brothers and best friends), When I was 12 I was making 8mm claymations, at 17 I took a major cartooning class…
Then when I was 20 I worked retail management (If you want to know why that drove me to work in flash, work retail management… you’ll never want to walk into a mall again.)

After a few more years of poping around with stuff, my wife hooked my up with the flash software. I instantly took it and ran. It was the best aspects of everything I’ve ever done and allowed me to express myself in ways I never before thought possible.

I’ve been using flash now for two years. Though the a/s side of it, I’ve only been studying for a year now.

Woah nice story! :slight_smile: Since i was 5 i wanted to be an Astronaut so i always read physics and astronomy books and i was also darwing stupid little space ships. It satyed like that till i was in the 9th garde (4 years ago)…i started watching Japnese Animation and i started drawing cause classes bored me to death.I’m not sure how it happened but for 3 years i drew like a maniac all over my books and my homework and my notes…then One day in the summer of last year Tekk told me he had flash and said it was kewl. At first it thought it wasnt all that…but then i realised how awsome it was and it changed my life for ever…Oh Tekk also got 3ds max and the exposure to both 3d and 2d animation made me realize that i was never meant to be an astronaut.

Hey tekk!
Feel free to post here. We don’t bite!..
I started using Flash for about 3 years now. This whole Web site that I have was started so I could show some friends a really cool intel 3D Java Applet. I started the site in GeoCities; the old site can still be found at: www.geocities.com/Silicon…/index.htm

You may have to type the URLs for the pages manually to reflect it’s Geocities location for the other pages in that link. They all link to this site though; for example: www.geocities.com/Silicon…dows98.htm

I started using Microsoft Liquidmotion to animate stuff. I’m not sure if anyone ever heard of that program, nor if anyone has ever used it. It’s a very nifty program that ran entirely on DHTML and did not require a plug-in like Flash. Of course, Flash is King and Flash crushed Liquidmotion. That leads us to today where I use Flash for everything: school presentations, image editing, etc.

lol…out of all of u, Im tha youngest here…14 years old :slight_smile:

But hey…im still good at wut I do HTML, Vb6, and now tryen to get tha hang of flash :-)~

iz ben dwawin sins me was vewy wittle weeeeee. ive been using flash a wopping two months now, untill then i never even looked at the @#%$, started because i was wanting to beef up a web site for a hobby buiseness i have called darkmartyr productions, mainly custom graphics for bands cd covers and tshirts and what not, then i thought hey i can make these dammn pictures move and do things for me, thats pretty much all it took and now i get pissed every day at myself because i havent learned this or that yet THANK YOU FlASH!!! my site still isnt up btw because everytime i decide what i want to do on it or how i want it to perform i think i can figure something better out, one day, one day

AAAhhhh…FLASH!!!..how did I ever get involved with FLASH!
I was in the Health Insurance Training career and my old boss told me to help out with the training Intranet…so i went and took classes on how to build web pages…All of a sudden, ALL I WANTED TO DO was build web sites and not TRAIN anymore…so I asked my boss if I could take a FULL BLOWN 10 week program on WEB DESIGN and Management for a mere
$4K. He was like, NO WAY…so I quit that JOB (of 7 Years) and took the class on my own…After that I got a Job as part of the WEB Development Team for the US NAVY and they TASKED me to do a CD-ROM Presentation using FLASH…so here I am learning as I go.


me is 18
and I’m facing a 100 hour special assignement kinda thing in the last year of high-school (gymnasium in sweden). Where you get to choose your assignement so I choose to make a homepage in flash (amongst other things which aren’t relevant).

I used Flash for my Big Senior presentation. it was Great! lol I was the first one to go up, everyone else had poster boards or Power Point and did it on topics like courtship or like goverment stuff, lol i did mine of Digital Art and animation. it took me 2 months to make it and i burned it onto a cd along with the trailer for Final Fantasy and warcraft 3. lets just say that people in my class were so shocked after wards that the second person to go up decided to take an F rather than go the same day as me. … although my teacher decided to give her a second chance and she ended up going last.

oh i got an A by the way :slight_smile:

Hey Vts31,
That is amazing. There should be a TV informercial where people such as you and me walk up on stage and explain our Flash experiences to a nation-wide audience. I mean, George Foreman talks enthusiastically about melted grease! Back to reality…

I used Flash for my Physics presentation last year. I highlighted falling objects, two-dimensional motion, and more by simply using Flash. The whole class was stunned that it was actually possible to use Flash for something other than games! Powerpoint and posters will never have the impact of Flash. I should have used a War3 trailer in my presentation as well, oh well, maybe in gov’t & economics I’ll get a chance to use a good trailer :slight_smile:


lol… all good stories…

okay seeing as tho were telling stories and what not, heres min ((not so exciting))

last year i heard about flash and its ways, so i downloaded the trail off the macromedia website. i used it for the 30 days and loved it ((flash 4 back then)) and about 5 months ago i rememberd about it and as i was doin work experience i got it ((full version)) as a gift, for my hard work ((yeah right)) ever since ive messed about and gradually got alittle bit better. but not really that good. now im babbling.

oh and in my IT class at school we started to do web sites. im gonna kick ass in this compared to the other people in my class.

thats it.

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OH kirupa Flash is great for econ presentations. Cause for my econ class we worked in groups for the entire semester and we had to give a presentation every couple of weeks. Lucky for Me Tekk was in my group and so we divided up the Flash work. LOL my teacher said that in 20 years of teaching he had never seen a presentation like that before and called Tekk and I Pioneers. Ever since that day almost everyone in the class wantde to be in our group since we had the 2 top scoring presentation and test scores(tekk and I). FUN !

You are lucky that you have people talented in Flash in the same class. I’d be lucky to find anyone with any Flash talent in in my whole grade (600 ppl) lol!


I’m back after havimg my second computer stolen…I am now using my mother’s…

I’m 25…good 2 c that i’m not the only over 20’s on this board…

25 with 1 grey hair in my beard…must be the reflection of the light off my monitor…:slight_smile: lol

lol, welcome back…umm your computer got stolen…again?

Yeah…I have been robbed twice in less than a month…man that sucks…

they took all my projects ‘n’ stuff… = unhappy clients…!!!

but i can’t wait for the insurance…dual screen G4 here I come…LOL

i am gunna move…

i’m about 2 take on three flash sites 4 1 client so i look forward 2 asking 4 help…i know i will need it…lol…i am so sick flyer design…


My turn,

I am 27 as of August 30th, I am an MCSE that mainly focused on Network issues but always “messed around” with web design. About 2 years ago i got heavily into Cold Fusion (Server Side scripting) and then started Flash back in January to add some spice to sites. With my VB experience and Server Side stuff, I have been having a blast with Action Script…

…That is when I am not fighting bulls…


The first presentation was one of my first flash projects ever, so it is kind of slow since it is not really optimized, but the menu and flash site are my ongoing projects…


Hey a little off topic… but from one Leo to another can I ask you very simply, WHY PEOPLE make pages that you can not back click out of.

Go to you’re bull fighting page and try to back up to this board again. You can’t… you have to actually pull down the pull down menu and click far enough back.
Now I know that this is being done all over the place, and personaly I find it offensive… It makes me not want to visit sites… (which is sad, because you’ve done a nice job there.
So my question is… is this just some effect of some strange scripting that does something else on the page, or is it built in on purpose to do that?

No offense meant to you of course… I’m sure you are a perfectly nice person. :slight_smile: … just makes me frustrated.

jeez, your house must be real vulnerable to crooks. do you use locks?

forget locks Just paint your room black and write i will kill you all in white pain all over the place. i bet you they’ll think twice before riping you off again :slight_smile: