Kinko's scam

I spent a great hour with my g/f at Kinko’s trying to print a .jpg and excel file to transparencies. $2.00 for transparency, I can live with that…but when I handed we handed the guy our disk and told him our request he casually replied that if it’s [color=Red]anything other than .pdf it will be a ten dollar charge, just to open the file[/color]. I thought I heard wrong. Is this the most spineless scam in the world? They do this full well knowing they have the upper hand, since the picture world is in .jpg or .gif formats and most documents come from people’s computer in .doc format.
Kinko give yourself a big hand at again capitalizing on the opportunity to screw people over.
Not to mention the fifty cent black and white print fee along with the .40 a minute computer charge…
Anyone else experienced this shameless tyranny?

wtf :huh:
that’s the most ridiculous thing i’ve ever heard, that really sucks man…

you can print transparencies on an inkjet printer, why did u not do it at home??

i can beat that, my bank tried to charge me $16 to write a check for me…all of 30 seconds work for them… we are all being screwed mate

Depends on how you wanted the .jpeg printed.

If you just wanted it printed, then it shouldn’t cost you anything extra.

If you wanted the image to be centred etc, then they have to stuff around either adjusting the size of the image, or putting the image into a .pdf and centre it.

If you add the cost of the salesmans time to do that, even if only 1-2min. Cost of the store, lights, computers, software, advertising, insurance… then you have a cost per minute for your buisness. Then once you have that add your 100-300% profit.

So while I agree that $10 is a rip off, it’s the cost of doing business…

Although considering most people dont have the software to create a .pdf, it does sound like a scam to me that that is the format they require it in. :smiley:

I’ve never had that happen to me and I go to Kinkos all the time. Granted I’ve never gotten transparencies, but I’ve gotten stuff bound, printed digital pictures, etc, and haven’t had any problem with them. Why don’t you use their computers and print it out yourself rather than having the guy do it? That would probably cost less.

Good points, but I just wanted the darn thing printed, not centered or anything fancy. A big sign that says the “pdf requirement” would have been great while standing in line…Let’s face it, they are taking advantage of those who are at the nearby college and don’t have the programs, or time or knowledge to create .pdf files. I could see a $2.00 charge but ten buck just to bring it up on the computer to print, is armed robbery.

uh, hello guys… aren’t we all designers? (or at least have some knowledge of the design industry).
disk access fee!!! everyone charges it. most printers i know have a direct PDF-to-press workflow and they make a big deal of it when you supply any other file format.
PDF is the standard file format for printing, and if printers are going to guarantee anything about quality, of course they’re going to limit the range of formats they recieve in order to acieve consistency.

and .40c/hour ‘computer time’ fees? i charge 50-100x that much for MY ‘computer time’.

I am with Yeldarb on this. I have often gone to Kinko’s to print stuff for school, and I only paid for the actual print and access to their computer. The computer they give you access to should have all of the popular office/acrobat/imaging programs. At least that is how it has been near where I lived :slight_smile:

ya3 is right, most printer places have a “download” fee. i remember i got quoted $15 dollars for downloading the TIFF image to their system from my zip drive.

PDF’s are the way to go anyway for most all printer places.

Ya3, he said 40 cents a minute not hour :wink:

40c/hour…lol. What a bargain, where are they located

Imagine if you made 10 bucks every file you opened, you’d be richer then Bill Gates by next month. :smiley:

Sounds like a total rip to me, I wonder if that’s only locally or everywhere.


::Conspiracy Theory::

The kid working Kinko’s made up his own rules to make a quick buck. Was he the only one working? Perhaps he saw sucker written across your forehead?

I like festers theory.

I like all of festers theories…

****, that Fester got the best of me…

:lol: …ok then… i still charge about double that…

yeah well… ok. when you install the free adobe reader, you get this button in Office that lets you create a pdf. with acrobat std/pro, its just a matter of ‘printing’ to the PDF engine from any program.

i actually find PDFs much ‘neater’ for distribution and compatibility, especially over the internet. pdf seems to be the way to go lately, so i suggest getting aquainted to it :love:


They do that sort of thing here too. They’re just capitalist pigs.

You’ll pay it, they’ll charge it.