Late night religious TV

Late last night after my DVD ended I switched over to the TV and there was one of those religious shows where they stand around quoting Genesis.

Anyhow normally I would have just changed the channel but before I could they showed a picture of Charles Darwin and so got my attention.

He was saying that biologists would have you believe that we evolved from monkeys.
(They then showed a picture of a monkey and morphed it from the monkey back to Charles Darwin).

He then went on about how it was God that created Adam and Eve.

So I am just curious as to why he would argue against evolution. I mean evolution is no longer a concept, it is accepted as fact. It’s even what the schools teach.

Now there is indisputable scientific evidence that shows organisms evolve and you can trace their evolution back with their DNA.

So why is he saying that all our scientific evidence is wrong, and a book that was written thousands of years ago is right?

What’s this and “free will”

I always hear it said that “free will” is the greatest gift God gave us.

When someone kills your wife and chops her up into little pieces it wasn’t God that did it. It was free will. God gave the killer the free will so that if he wanted to, he could kill your wife.

Why would God let such a thing happen ? Because he has a master plan that isn’t always obvious to us. In his master plan it wouldn’t have done to have your wife die in her sleep, it required her to die a horrible painful humiliating death.

And as for free will being our greatest gift…
Well you are free to do as you like, as long as you obey my rules, believe in me, and denounce all other false Gods.
But not to worry if you don’t follow my rules, cause if you break them all you have to do is repent and all will be forgiven.

I think when they say we have “free will” they should mention, conditions apply see small print.
Cause you maybe free to do as your like, but your not free to believe what you want.

Kinda goes against the whole principle of free will if you ask me.

*Originally posted by The_Vulcan *
Cause you maybe free to do as your like, but your not free to believe what you want.

Kinda goes against the whole principle of free will if you ask me. **

Firstly, i can’t see how this ties into the topic of conversation at hand…

and anyway, the concept of free will is that God doesn’t force us to believe and worship Him - we can choose to live for ourselves if we want, but we have to accept the consequences. So in fact we ARE free to believe in reincarnation or karma or whatever we want, but that isn’t what God WANTS us to do.

*Originally posted by upuaut *
Did God not create satan? Was not the king of lies all part of his plan from the beginning to fascillitate the difficulty of “faith”?

I don’t think God did create satan… It’s not God’s aim to make it difficult to be a Christian, it’s not like only a certain number of people can be… it’s our own sin, or living our own way that makes it hard for us.

I’m not saying that if you were a perfect Christian that life would be easy, because the devil would certainly try to break you, but Satan is not a device of God to test us.

we can choose to live for ourselves if we want, but we have to accept the consequences.

Well if we were free to do and believe what we want there wouldn’t be consequences.

Saying your free to believe what you want, but you will burn in hell if you do not believe in me, is by no stretch of the imagination freedom.

don’t think God did create satan

maybe I’m wrong. .considering I’ve read the bible cover to cover 4+ times, and spent numerous years researching things from it… I’m sure I could be wrong. Try citing something from the bible which says that God didn’t create satan… rather than just denying it. I certainly can cite passages which say that God created everything.

In general I’m with you Vulcan. You cannot offer paradise, or eternal torment and then claim that you are offering free will. That’s called fascism and it is inherantly contradictory to EVERYTHING we americans hold dear to us. It is EVIL. hence, god does not offer paradise or torment. It would be against his nature to do so. For that matter, requiring worship would also be against his nature, if such a being existed. To require worship, under the penalty of torture is the activity of an egotistical maniac, not an all loving god. Amazing how Christians can fail to see something like this which is SOOOOOOOOO obvious to the simplest of creatures.

PS - I can change the name of the thread if you have one which is better suited to the convo.

You can change it if you like, I am not fussed…

To require worship, under the penalty of torture is the activity of an egotistical maniac, not an all loving god.

I never thought about it this way before, and since I can’t come up with an argument against it. It works for me ! :smiley:

I can tell ya that if I am wrong and there is a God and I am standing at the Gates of heaven and he tells me to repent for my sins and he will let me in. And if I don’t I get a one way ticket to hell….

Well I can’t describe the tongue lashing I would give the dude here, but he better know some karate cause I am gonna bust a move BIG time and teach the “egotistical maniac” :smiley: a lesson he won’t forget for eternity.

Just remind me to bring my SPF 30,000+

God didn’t create satan

Well to be honest I don’t remember the story of he came about…… Don’t know why but there is some story in my head about him being a top dog amongst the angels and he did a naughty so God cast him from Heaven.
Dunno where I got that idea from……

Lucifer the morning star is who you’re thinking of. He most certainly was created by God, as all the angels were. I think that some point in time, a faction of the christians started to believe in satan as a force of evil, and then later, Satan and Lucifer kind of got mixed together, being brothers in denial of god’s will.

I’ll try to take a look around though. I know that Satan as a word comes from Shiatan, a babalonian force of evil… but I’m not sure when he was introduced into the Christian mythos. If you look at the bible though, Christ definitely refers to satan, but being that the bible is a translation of aramaic, it could be that the word was stolen from the earlier babalonians to replace a word in aramaic which didn’t exist in latin or english depending upon when the translation was made. I also studied other bibles so sometimes these facts don’t surface to my mind right away.

btw, I’ll save you a stool at the bar next to Einstein, Tesla and all the rest. I’m sure the beer will suck… they probebly have bud down there or something… but at least the conversation will be interesting while we’re being tortured.

Warm beer is bad enough…… Boiling beer must be terrible……

Well I am sure Nixon brought his dog with him, so at least we can play fetch, or spin the dog by its ears.

I am not much of a beer drinker, but if I had to while out it would be a Corona with a piece of lemon. :smiley:
To be honest I am not one for alcohol at all really. Guess it’s because my parents owned a bottle shop from when I was 7-17 or something like that.
If I ever wanted to taste something, and as a kid that’s everything, I was always aloud. Guess because of that I never saw the novelty of it, so I missed all that young and drinking stuff.

I feel like a bit of a toss when I talk about religion with you now.
Clearly next to you I have know idea what I am on about.
I am proud to say that I have never once sat down to read the Bible.
Unfortunately when I was younger I was forced to hear stories from it at school.

I do like church movies though.

“Exorcist” ba-zoo-zoo ba-zoo-zoo
“End of Days”

all that kinda stuff……………….