Lesportsac Ad Drawing help

Hello, I am trying to create an illustration similar to the Lesportsac one below. I want to make it poster size. Is this with vector shapes and colored with PS? (the girl on right side). Any help, suggestions, tuts would be great. Thanks

got the email Thanks. It’s my first try and I didn’t really have any “modeling” type of poses to trace. I am sure it will get better. I’ll post new versions of it.

Allright, I slacked off but here is what I came up with

wow thats pretty good but…

i think the arms are to big in general

add a lil slope to her shoulders that would be great (even though you can see her shoulders lower them a bit [just a tad] )

her head seems disjoined from the body, the head also looks like its closer to us than the rest of the body, it looks as if her head is off center to be specific [but just a tad off!]

great work for being bad at sketching even if it was done in flash

p yeah how did you make that footer…its awsemoe!

the picture is traced in flash until I get more proficient in Illustrator, I need to polish it a bit. The footer is a crop of an image I posted in the below thread