Let's Google Hangout! [#3]


I’m busy this whole week, but next Monday/Tuesday evening should work for me.


This suit’s getting pretty hot, phone should be ringing aaaaaany minute now…


Hang in there, any day now :wink:


We should propose something specific here. Does, say, this Saturday at 2pm Pacific work for people?


Weekdays work best for me. Would something later this week like Thursday work? :slight_smile:


Weekdays are best for me right now as well. I have weddings, baby showers, and other things tying up my summer weekends unfortunately.


I’m usually good with weekdays outside of the Pacific 9-5 work block. Weekends can work too, depending on what I’m doing.


Ok - how about next Tuesday at 7PM PST? :slight_smile:


Works for me.


:write: :thumb2:


I’m available


Excited to talk to you all in realtime!!! :stuck_out_tongue:


This is happening today!!! Get ready :yum:


My Google id is kirupa@gmail.com. Once someone pings me, I can get the call started and post the link here!



Join in!



Barrel model, coincidentally, thanks to swift3D!


Here’s a screenshot of mixamo that adobe purchased not too long ago. There are many professional 3d models and animations for free since adobe took over. “Free” will be ending 8/22/2017. I will be downloading all I can before then. I have imported models to blender, exported to png sequence and used in my AIR starling projects with great results.



Here’s the house I mentioned:


That’s funny he’s like well first I made a treehouse (shows steaming pile of shit literally made of garbage). Then naturally step 2 is to design and engineer a futuristic spaceship house full of modern tech that blows everyones mind.

There’s an artist near me that made a cylinder tower in the 1990s as well, it has a spiral staircase and some weird semi gothic artwork and weird pyramid structures. I hiked here as a teenager.

This is the space ship house I mentioned… More of a dormant mothership really


Sounds like I really missed out!