Let's Google Hangout! [#3]

It’s been a while since we all caught up. Who all is up for another hangout event? :stuck_out_tongue:


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I am! I’ll see if I can get this inter net thing working this time. I will admit I haven’t been doing a lot relevant to coding or art recently


Is that a Sweeny Todd murderous barber?

It’s Will Ferrell, so, yes.

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In all likelihood, me.

Alright, we’ve achieved buy-in from the regulars.

What time works?

For me: post-work hours are good Mon-Thurs this coming week, but I’ll be busy most of Friday and the weekend. The week after looks clear too.

Would Monday or Tuesday at a time like 6PM PST work for you all? :slight_smile:


6 or shortly after should work for me.

That works for me

OK! Let’s shoot for Tuesday at 6PM PST :slight_smile:

We picked an appropriate day:

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Hey guys, unfortunately I’m not going to make it to this one. I’ll get in on the next for sure, barring some catastrophe.

Wow you’re really taking that flash news harder than I thought


so hangout = group cry?

Well I know what I’ll be wearing tonight

I may be late… or have to leave early… or not show up :trout:

Haha! Shall we reschedule? I am up for tomorrow or another time if you all can make it :slight_smile:

Edit: Let’s reschedule to a time that works better for all of us!