We should do a video meet up again

We should meet up again some day. I think I did 2 meetings and missed the rest.


Let us do this! What do both (you and @steve.mills who Liked your post :fire:) of your schedules look like over the next week or two? :grinning:

Yeah it’s been a while! :grinning:

I’m usually good for a Sat/ Sun morning my time which would be Fri/ Sat afternoon/ evening in the US.

I can make Friday afternoons work! @tbo - does 3pm PST this Friday work for you?

Steve - that would be 8am for you on Saturday, if I am reading the calendar correctly.

This Friday is going to be tight, I can do the following Friday

Yeah the following Sat (Fri) will probably be better for me as well, how is that for you @kirupa ?

Haha. That is the one Friday that I will be truly offline for some real world activities. But the following Friday the 18th works for me!

Does that work for you both?


I can probably join.

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I’ll send a broad calendar invite once we have general consensus on the time, and it will include all of us in this thread and a link for anybody broadly who wants to join :slight_smile:

Yes Friday the 18th works for me, and I like that the date sounds like some kind of bootleg Halloween movie

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Yeah that works :slight_smile:

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I will send you all a calendar invite in a few moments :grinning:


Apologies for the massive delay! Invite sent to the e-mail addresses gmail had remembered for you all :brain:

Just over 24 hours to go! Can’t wait to chat with you all :slight_smile:


10 minutes to go…I’m getting nervous :sweat_smile:

Great chatting with you all @tbo, @steve.mills, @krilnon, and @TheCanadian :stuck_out_tongue:

We’ll need to do this again soon. This time, I mean it.

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That was fun. First, I would like to post my favorite new meme of the last 24 hours related to our conversations

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And second, here is a picture of my meth lab pool. Can you believe no one else wanted this property?

And third, the fact that @senocular didn’t show up proves that he is either a digital overlord from the future or he was murdered in the first meeting by a guy with an axe next to a brick fireplace


My hunch is that sen had an important paintball appointment :slight_smile:

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