Don’t know why I haven’t posted this website before, its been around for quite a while. Sorry if its been posted before:

Enjoy! Incidentally all the websites in his portfolio are also excellent.

sweeet. now im not that good with this whole flash thing, but that site, it looks to me like its mostly tweening. Am i right?

cool design but transitions could use some work, so I like alot I guess

yeah thats all tweening. Good stuff but i loked at some of the sites the dude made and I like them a lot better than his :sure:


yeah I agree with radioactive i like some of the sites in his portfolio much better but nonetheless a very clean looking site.

Since it looks like it’s just one guy I give him credit for the high quality sites he’s made.

His site may not have been as good as some in his portfolio, but sometimes when you’re busy building sites for other people you don’t have time to do your own.

Why does it seem like I keep wanting to touch that liquid blob of chrome?

I mean great job - clean site :thumb:.