Logo Critique?

I’m trying to make a good new logo for my site, Reclipse. Just tell me your thoughts on what could be improved, and such things. (BTW, my site is down at the moment because I changed my DNS’s a few minutes ago.)

Well how do I complete a logo in FreeHand?

Well I dont get it…how do you complete a logo in freehand…

I like the logo, but add some text to it so I can really critique it. Text can make it or break it. ALso give us a lil profile on the company. That helps alot

why not do logos in FW…I do it from time to time…It is a vector tool as is AI. Although AI is much more advanced.

Yeah I dont get it either? How do you complete a logo in freehand?

Like it, as everyone says, needs a vector kick! Would work well a arial bold font.

You’re joking right?

Freehand is NOT vector.

Anyone who told you that needs to take a long walk off a short pier or quit designing b/c thats wrong.

Fireworks is a second rate Photoshop that Macromedia figured would suffice people who’re just getting into design. That’s my 2 cents. DEFINATELY NOT a vector app.

lol…jnicklo you are funny…Explain what makes FW not vector. And you say freehand is not vector either?

Maybe you should hang up your designers hat and unplug the MAC. While I do agree that they initially geared it towards PS. I would not replace PS with FW for the world. But saying it is not a vector app, kinda speaks more to your understanding of design than it does the inability of the app. But to each his own. I use all the mentioned apps professionally so I can say each is in heavy rotation in my tool box.

Ok, I worked some more and came up with this.


I dont like that…I like what you had going in the beginning. Also I think you are working a little backwards by not include you type in the logo. A good font can make a dull logo look awesome. ANd vice versa.

I liked what I had in the beginning too. I’ll just stick to that and try to improve it.

What do you think of this? Wouldn’t be a final design, but do you like it better with or without the lines? (I could reposition them if you think that would make it look better)

Honestly I would say take that original image you showed. Find a good way to incorporate your type. Then trickle down from there. IMO the original was a good spring board. And the lines just add to much noise and complication. SO I would say dont use them. Find a good font to go with your initial concept. If you need help turning it vector I can help you there.

Umm… Turning the logo to vector?

Nice design dude, just be careful about the shape and colours, they look very similar to overture http://www.content.overture.com/d/

p.s Flash illustrator and feehand all are vector appz and make for great brand dev tools

design-on. pix.

Ooh. Finally I can see what another logo that is apparently similar looks like. I can rotate mine so it looks dissimilar. I’ve always loved light blue as a color, so I don’t think I’ll be changing that.

yeah thats dangerously close man. Overture is a bigtime compay also. Becareful. But I can see the difference and plus you guys are not the same industry so I think you are safe.

I hate how its so hard to be original these days. I’ve spent hours trying to incorporate the “C” looking shape into cool logo’s. You guys seem to think that the three things in my logo are “swooshes”, when in actuality they are supposed to be recurring eclipse’s. (Thus the name “Reclipse”)

I think that when you hear why my logo is how it is, you can see its originality, and what thought processes I went through to come up with it. Any how, Overture’s logo is made up of “O” that are not overlapping at all. They only have 2 circles anyway.

What do you think of these two variations?

Hi Krilnon, pixi again … I first supplied you the link for overture, well er sorry mate , heres another one just to peess you off ( top of the pops - been going since the late 60’s)
http://www.bbc.co.uk/totp/ Hope I didint bust your bubble. pix.

Hehehe. No, you didn’t bust any bubbles, I’ll just think of some other things.

[font=Century Gothic][size=4]ur logo–Comcast meets sega dreamcast[/size][/font]

I see the similarities.