Logo Critique?

I’m trying to make a good new logo for my site, Reclipse. Just tell me your thoughts on what could be improved, and such things. (BTW, my site is down at the moment because I changed my DNS’s a few minutes ago.)

Hi Krilnon, pixi again … I first supplied you the link for overture, well er sorry mate , heres another one just to peess you off ( top of the pops - been going since the late 60’s)
http://www.bbc.co.uk/totp/ Hope I didint bust your bubble. pix.

Hehehe. No, you didn’t bust any bubbles, I’ll just think of some other things.

[font=Century Gothic][size=4]ur logo–Comcast meets sega dreamcast[/size][/font]

I see the similarities.

im not saying its a bad logo or anything, just when i saw it those 2 things popped into my head! :hugegrin:

Here is another design that I’m thinking about.

Hi everyone!
I really liked the ones that MrMass made, especially the first, wich font is that you are using? I liked the one mlk made aswell, actually I kind of liked them all :stuck_out_tongue: keep up the good work people!

Krilnon, are you planning on copyrighting your logos? and if yes-all of them? or just one?

I hate to be an ***-hole, but it looks like the mickey mouse head with the big ears. I like your earlier versions better.

I’d have to agree to this post myself. Mickey was the first thing that popped into my mind.

Yes, all of the ones that were not discarded quickly. Trying to steal one or something?

Why were you guys thinking of Mickey Mouse? wtf?
Maybe I’ll rotate it so it doesn’t look like him.

what do you mean by all of the ones that were not discarded quickly?

The ones that were pretty much abandoned.

so, ur going to copyright ALL of them?

Here’s one. Looks good in all colors, sizes and effects :). Small and easy to change :). You probably won’t like it but here it is anyways.

looks like napsta

Looks nothing like it. What are you talking about. Just case I have a face logo?

Mr. Mass made some good ones. I see no problem with it looking like Mickey or Dreamcast lol.

because of the face, round shape, and those things sticking out of the sides look like headphones! thats my opinion, and your not gonna change it!