Looking Back

I have a feeling this thread might be deleted.

I posted this once and I am ashamed of it now:

[SIZE=1]It seems that some of you athiests are just deceiving yourselfs. Some of you just want to seem different. Some of you don’t know why you are athiest but you do not know what else to believe. Some of you are just to lazy to read the bible and take one hour out of their week to pray. Some of you are afraid of the truth. Some of you are to proud to submit yourself to a greater being. Some of you are just lost. And well for those who aren’t like this, keep reading…[/SIZE]

I hate that and myself at that time, so ignorant. That was two years ago. I can barely believe that I would say something so wrong; I try not to look at it by shrinking it. I should have been removed from this forum. I never said sorry for that. People like me ruined the Ordered forum. It helped me grow as a person, but I caused more harm than good. Forgive me.