Looking for a few good men

Hi, my name is phil
ive recently come across this website, and noticed how much talent there is here.
i am looking for some ideas, and even some help on what i can do to spice up a webpage i am making for a bussiness,
heres the addy:
right now the page is purely html and really needs something to make it look good
any help given is apreeciated
Thank You:)

I was going to ask a question here along the lines of ‘would a good woman do?’, but I think that’s probably not a direction I want to head in right now. :slight_smile:

Just had a quick look at the site and have a few thoughts. I’d say that what you do with it depends entirely on where you want to go with the site and what factors are important. Obviously if you put Flash on there then anyone without the plug in will be missing out. Flash and funky graphics will also eat up memory and therefore increase download time. What you’re probably after is a few smaller things that will catch peoples’ attention.

Anyway. I like the shape of the page, and the logo and think you’ve got something to work with there. Perhaps you could make that animate in some way? Or if you wanted to go all out with the Flash, some kind of new menu system and page transitions.

Otherwise, maybe just some kind of subtle background image in part of the main text body. Nothing too huge or outlandish. Just something to break up the blocks of colour.

sorry bout that i didnt mean to come across as gender biased.
if you didnt see, its the technology club for my high school, and being the tech club, i wanted to incorporate some technologies, what i was thinking was maybe a banner of sorts to replace the image, and a flash menu. just enough to impress some people.
right now, i only am able to do what ive gotten off of tutorials from this site.
i will try something out, and post if i can get something decent up
Thank You

I think what “mastersofcombat” needs, is a little fat ninja as a mascot/logo… :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

that’d be sweet… and cute! :slight_smile: