Looking for someone :P

So, anyone know a nice girl age 18-23, average to good looking, kind, funny, non-cheating etc ?
Having a hard time finding one over here, they’re all taken :stuck_out_tongue:

Or maybe you’ve got some tips on how to find one? I’ve never been to a bar/disco/party looking for one, it’s not what I do, so if anyone got some great ideas how to find a girl - tell me please :beam:

Is this for real? :h:

haha yeah
I’m desperate :stuck_out_tongue:

pose as a medical student and go to the local hospital. Find a nice girl that broke her leg and become friends with her. When she gets out take her on a date.:wink:

Sorry to hear that dude. I can kinda see that.

Good luck in your hunt.

Or maybe you’ve got some tips on how to find one?

Turn off internet. Shut down your PC. Go walk outside.

Kirupaforum isn’t a matrimonial forum. These kind of posts are ridiculous.

hmm good idea maybe… hehe
fire fighter would work too. but if I’d enter a house on fire, I’d have to get carried out by a fire fighter myself :lol:

oki sorry mlk
I just thought people could share their experiences since I’ve only had one girl and I dunno how to get girls. but I think your reply is a good approach too hehe

buddy, this definitely isn’t the place to look :wink:

Get out there, go to bars if you’re able. If you can dance or at least think you can, go to clubs. You’ll meet your someone eventually.

initiate conversations. if you see a girl standing by herself at a bar or someplace, just start talking to her, ask about the weather, the music, whatever, just say something, offer her a drink, etc.

thnx fester =)

but where should I look? i mean, I don’t like discos and such, and internet dating isn’t really doing it for me either, no matter how nice you guys here are :sure: :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m gonna go with the “Shut off your computer” part first. Work your way from there, it’s a good start.

do a search on Men with dolls and go to the forum there. You would be surprised at how many woman are there.


Anyone wanna design a ‘desperate’ smiley? Maybe Kirupa could add it in for the next time something like this pops up. :stuck_out_tongue:

whoa!! slow down there first of all…a girl whoz funny…non cheating and kind.so on…u gota go back to 70’s lol :stuck_out_tongue:

kiddin man, but I am sure you dont find girls (sply the type ur lookin for) with the help of any kinda ideas or wateve u have asked for…its fate my friend.My Advice to u is DONT AND I MEAN IT …[color=red]DONT EVER GO TO CHATROOMS TO FIND A GIRL[/color]…thats such a lame thing to do.

Rest, i dont know what to say…I mean if u’d had a girl in mind, guess many of us could help you…but find a girl? :-/ dont know mate.

Anyway best of luck :slight_smile:

haha okay… I’ll reformulate…

I’m not looking for a girl here… That was just a joke (so laugh, cmon hehe)

I’m just looking for tips on how to find girls. But uhm… I’ll find someone. Sometime.

Jas… what happened to your english mate?

Put the mouse down and go outside? Where? Doesn’t matter where.
Your chance of meeting this girl go up 10x just by walking outside. Walking anywhere.

If you want to meet new people get involved in group activities. Sports teams, social groups… Even if they are all mens groups. Chances are you’ll meet some new friends, and friends always have friends, cousins, sisters…

If you’re a scary computer slob take a little bit more care of yourself. Finding a girl that only sees inner beauty is a nice dream, but honestly your luck of meeting a gril increases with your looks.

P.S. You can also try match.com or similar.

Good Luck.

What the?

What have you been drinking?

well it sounded to me like u r lookin for girl…one way or the other…does’nt matter…
u cant find someone while sitting at home all day or on computer…dont know whats ur age is but go out, meet people…dont expect anything if u rnt doing anything.

this thread seems to go nowhere now :-/

last night i hung out with some girl i had met online, she’s pretty cute…and super cool, but normally to meet people i’d just go out, that’s a much better method, play a sport, do you have a job? you can meet girls like that…make yourself seen, and look like ethanM and you’ll do fine…