Looking for suggestions/comments


looking for suggestions/comments

thanks in advance

Looks good, nice and smooth. The colors are odd, but they work.
The loading animation for every page gets a bit tedious.
Perhaps play with the background for the page, the scanlines look weird. I think it makes it look too dark. Try using some of the flat grey you have in the header. Maybe with a nice pattern or something.
The rest of teh site looks great! Very professional and sleek. Keep up the good work!

I agree, thats as smooth as a smooth thing! Only thing i can find fault with is the outro animation from the first page… the man and stuff fills with blue again, and then just disapears. Seems a bit unnecessary to me. Ooh, and the logo should link back to the home page.

I think a back button to the home page would be nice that way users won’t get frustrated if they don’t figure out that you can click on CTP on the green stripe. Also consider what flashfish said about the logo.

Otherwise good job :smirk:

I’d like to see the pull-down navigation stay in the top-left. Its a bit confusing once you navigate to a section to relocate where your nav bar went. Just clicking CTP isn’t very intuitive. Other than that its smooth and looks clean. Could maybe speed up the transitions like previous guys said here. nice work!

that’s a very nice intro, very smooth. the only problem is that it’s a bit long,but no worries. :slight_smile: