Lostinbeta's Entries

Here are my entries to the contest thus far…

Entry 1 - Turn Blocks (?)
Entry 2 - Scale Blocks (?)
Entry 3 - Gradient Builder (a color spectrum type thing)
Entry 4 - Draggable Grid
Entry 5 - Fake Particle System

List will be updated with each entry for neatness and to make it easier to find my entries.

yo beta u rule the no 4 one is so cool

great entries lost, i like the fourth also

Thank you. I had to work on that 4th one for a long time because it just didn’t want to cooperate!

Just added entry 5. To keep things nice and clean I am adding all of the links into the first post of this Thread.

im starting to like the 5th, although im gettin a bit of lag, must be my lameass processor :frowning:

It looks like it lags because it is going by your mouse movement. If you move too fast it can’t keep up and if you move to slow the animation goes slow. I tried to fix it, and it works great on my comp, but through a webpage it looks laggy.

I changed my entry 5 so it doesn’t work on Mouse Move, instead it is activated by clicking and works from then on. All you have to do is move your mouse around. It seems to be a bit smoother that way.

That entry is killing my computer, Lost :stuck_out_tongue:

Really? It doesn’t even lag on mine anymore (I am running a 700Mhz with 128MB of RAM).

<B>EDIT: </B> Anyone who views that entry…please let me know how it works on your system.

it seems to run great on my computer even if i move the mouse fast. but maybe that’s because i have an 866 with 384mb of ram.

It works perfectly now

Hmmm, very odd indeed.

I had a little lag but nothing bad. P2 with 128 ram no video card(its my crappy work computer)