Mac VS Windows in Graphic Design

It just so happens my home PC looks like a street racer! I got a bodykit (case with see through glass window) glowing neons and like 4 fans!!! Heck, it also has a Nissan 350z emblem on it for some reason. Hahahah! Well I just built mines from a barebones system and the funky case came with it. Runs pretty good and fast. My llast PC did last pretty long and is still running good, my sister uses it.

Bah this is stupid.

Macromedia and Adobe products work great on both. I use Apple, but I hear they work on windows, too. (I’m against smilies, but a smiley would go here.)

Kirupa said “I’d rather upgrade my PC/laptop with the latest stuff every few years rather than plunking down a lot for a mac and keeping it for 4 or 5 years.” What’s the difference between “every few years” and “4 or 5 years”?

(I mean I’m curious, not fighting)

moral of the story is dont be a puppet. Try it for yourself and do the footwork for yourself. I am the mod who editted the poll. No disrespect to the thread starter but you will never get the answer you seek with this type of subject. I just becomes a pissing contest. I use PC because I’d rather upgrade than buy every few years. I have several PC’s my main being a Alienware. . If you are going to drop 3g’s it may as well be there. And the winner is me!!! I piss the farthest…lol :p: