Making A Website

ok, i haerd that Dreamweaver 4 is a good program to make websites with, like

but i also heard it’s a b1tch to learn, is this true?

if it is what do u think i should learn to mak c00l flash, or w/e sites like or and the list goes on.

Also, as a begginer, should i start out learning flash 5 before i try ot learn flash mx?

I use DW4 on a daily basis. It was not too difficult for me to learn it & is a great program. I begin with dreamweaver after learning HTML 1st about 2 years ago & i’m pretty proficient with it. I’d hightly recommend it. I also played around with GoLive which in my opinion totally sucks. I am fairy new to flash but I would say always start learning with the latest version as things do change. The only downside is there are many more tutorials out there for flash 5. I hope this is of some help.

Dreamweaver’s Advanced features like ASP manipulation and cold fusion intigration are very tough… but for basic HTML it makes life a breeze… it’s mosly type and paste

91, most of the tutes are still valid with MX, so I’d advise Matrix to go for MX directly. Once you get into it, it’s pure bliss.

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how long did it take u guys to bcome fluent with makking flash movies?

and i’m going to “Buy” a copy of flash mx today

it would depend on how much time and effort you are willing to put in, matrix. I’ve been flashing for a few months now, and believe me it gets better as the weeks go on!
Give it time and you’ll be making movies in no time :slight_smile:

I’ve heard some complaining that some flash 5 AS will not work correctly if @ all in mx but I haven’t played much with mx. I’m sure you’d know better than I right now but watch out. lol.

True, if you just copy and paste. But once you’ve understood what could go wrong (which I don’t :frowning: ) everything should be OK.

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I just finished the shell of my website in DW4. And I loved it. It couldn’t have been any more user friendly. It smiled at me, made me breakfast, said nice things to me, yada…I am not the most proficient webbuilder, but I was able to make a pretty nice site in DW4. ColdFusion wasn’t nearly as simple to learn, and therefore I didn’t learn it. Sometimes the table properties throw me off and I am not sure they are all calibrated correctly. The tables in my programs seems to act like they have minds of their own, changing properties and whatnot when I get up and go to the bathroom. But DW4 rocks! Check out my site, done entirely in DW4 and a few snippets of flash that you will be able to discern easily enough.Most people have, surprisingly complimented me far more than I think I deserve, but heres the DW4 site I made. 24 seconds to load on 56K weighing in at 270K.


<img src= ALT=":">

To much scrolling, thats bad

It took me two years to get to the point I’m at now with Flash, but I’m a slow learner. Always have been.

Almost everything in life that is worthwhile takes time, and hard work. There is also this truism:

The beginning is the most important part of the work.
–Plato, The Republic

So, when learning new skills, it is critical to master the fundamentals first (Too bad I didn’t follow my own advice when doing that engine animation, eh?), and also to recognize that the path to mastery is a long one.

– just a Flash beginner

I personally use (Macromedia)Dream Weaver UD(Ultra Dev) 4…its a very good…if you get something get either DW4 of DWUD4…either one is good :smiley:

Hey Element-
when I finally publish my site to the URL with DWultra4 what format do I use? Can you explain that to me a bit?

Do I use ASP w/Jscript?

If you wouldn’t mind taking a look at the site in Explorer and Netscrape and tell me if you see any obvious faults that can be fixxed with just a little knowledge?


I suspect this to be a formatting issue???

The only Javascript Im aware I used is for the three menu drop down boxes which you will see if you scroll the first page.

I also suspect this ignorance of mine on this issue is behind the problems with loads and caches wihich are irregular and erratic and slow down the user of the site. I cant remember the other two choices of formatting, but a sure you will. Its late and my back is sore and my eyes are red. Must sleep. But can you help me out with this format issue because Im blind here. My site also will not work in Netscrape after the initial load page, which is odd, no back pages, just code shows up. Could this be because I have a unix server and an incorrectly formatted DWultra4 site?
Enquiring minds want to know-

:x c? tired.

Hey Phil, I may have a few questions regarding Dreamweaver for you, brace yourself you may not understand some of my asks :slight_smile: ps. have you used fireworks atall?

Hey, I heard DreamWeaver MX is out. I don’t know what it brings, since I can’t use Dreamweaver, but I thought you might want to know.

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pom I never heard of that one… I’d better get with the dreamweaver first… also I would have thought you were a dreamweaver guru?

Phil–I will answer your question in maybe a day or two…at least try to…ive been so caught up in work(im actually in the middle of work answering you right now heh)…so I will be on to answer your question or any other questions anybody else has for me soon.

P.S. I looked into the IE vs. NS thing on your site…and it seems like whatever you wrote it in(or on)…NS isnt compatible with it. I use IE instead of NS, because NS can barely handle some things in ASP and most things in Flash…NS is falling behind in Internet browser technology…so thats why many programmers go to IE…

Ask away. I will divulge all that I know freely. Shouldn’t take that long, but hey…

Another Phrenchman has also told me about the DW4 MX thing. Keep it to yourself pal! :stuck_out_tongue: I just got a feeling for DW4.

Any help would be appreciatted! I’ll be waiting to hear back from you.