Today is the two year anniversary of my best friend of 10 years’ death :frowning:

May his groovy arse rest in peace.

He was the most engaging, the funniest and saddest person I’ve ever met and easily the best friend I’ve ever had…Our long talks and crazy benders are now a golden age…

He was a Finnish exchange student who stayed in Melbourne, got permanent residency, got married (and separated), and had about 200 people at his funeral.

The week before he died, I visited him. When I left, we exchanged a hug, and I felt him sob as we said our ‘see ya laters’. I went home, curled up in the foetal position on my bed, and wondered what the **** was going on, because somthing was obviously wrong…

He hanged himself the following week, on the same day as Yasir Arafat. He would have dug that.