Mozilla Firefox (sux)

I just switched to mozilla firefox, because I had some little virus on my pc, and when I removed it IE didn’t work properly anymore, and so I thought I could try something new.

and as far as I can say after 4 days of testing:
It just sux.

+easy to configure
+search textfield you can add your own search, translation,… engines (but either it’s impossible to adjust the size or I just didn’t find out yet)

-doesn’t display pages properly (layout of some pages doesn’t work anymore, table borders are displayed different, colors look different)
-bad ftp client (I used to like that feature in IE for little uploads)

  • [ctrl][n] opens a new window, but with the homepage instead of the one in the active window (what I found very useful in IE)

i use ff because IE is NOT a browser! it stores your history in a folder that only if you use the run program you can find and even if you do find it you cant delet any thing!

and here the proof


hope people make the change

but the reason it’s not a browser is because it doesn’t properly use the http protocol, whereas firefox does :slight_smile:

edit, thought it was the thing in syko’s footer, seems it’s a 404 instead :slight_smile:

edit2, oh wait it is :stuck_out_tongue:

no it s that some mod or admin chenged my post so it dont work

No - that URL had a bad word in it and the censor bots asterisked it out :stuck_out_tongue:

I still think firefox is not that wonderful as it is gloryfied by most of its users

sometimes it doesn’t display the pages correctly, it just stops loading a page although there is no reason for that (works fine after hitting refresh).

plus I still miss the features of IE I named on the last pages of this thread.

I don’t know if I’ve seen it stop a page, but I’ve seen it stop a movie I was trying get. I had to physically close the browser and open it back up; refresh wouldn’t work. But that was like once, and everything has it’s ups and downs.